Board Meeting Commitment Schedule

Attempting to schedule a large group of people to attain maximum attendance is usually a difficult task.  The MACA board is in the process of establishing in advance, the dates on which it plans to meet.  This will allow the board members to try and keep the meeting dates free from any personal scheduling conflicts.  It will also allow for better scheduling of committee reports and important topics when it is known that key participants or even the committee chairs themselves will not be able to attend.

Dates appearing next to a Yes or No are the "as of" date for the response.
At the bottom of each column is the projected or actual attendance.   Six people are required for a quorum.

Meeting Date 06-07-98 07-27-98 10-04-98
IBM 11:00
alt site Natick
Chris Chase Present Present Present Yes   11-03-98   needs ride    
Mark Kaprielian Present Present Present Yes   10-04-98    
Steve Frymer --- Present Present Maybe??   11-05-98    
Bob Messenger Present Present Present Yes   11-03-98    
Harvey Burger --- --- ---      
Todd Chase Present Present Present Yes   11-03-98    
Stephen Dann Present --- Present      
Tom Filipek Present --- --- No     11-05-98    
Gus Gosselin Present


--- Yes   11-04-98   needs ride    
Michael Gosselin --- Present Present Yes   11-05-98    
Joel Johnson --- --- --- Maybe??   11-05-98    
Peter Sherwood --- Present


Steve Stepak --- --- ---      

Yes / No / ?

7 - 6 8 - 5

8 - 5