President Chris Chase called the meeting to order at 1:58 p.m. Present were C. Chase, Bob Messenger (Clerk), Stephen Dann, Todd Chase, Mark Kaprielian, Tom Filipek, and Gus Gosselin.
  It was agreed that meeting minutes would be sent in text form by electronic mail to those board members who want it that way, and a printed version of the minutes would be mailed to the remaining board members. The minutes will be posted on MACA's web site after the following meeting.
99-01 Move that the board approve the report of the election commission and authorize the destruction of the ballots. (Kaprielian) PASSED without dissent.
as amended
Selection of a committee both to search and make recommendations for a permanent editor and to draft guidelines and a contract for the editor. This committee chall consist of: Chris Chase, Steve Frymer, Mark Kaprielian, Tom Filipek, and Todd Chase. The
committee is instructed to have its work finished and delivered to the board for their review ten days before the next meeting, or as soon as possible. The committee will remain in existence until it has presented its report to the board. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
  Mark Kaprielian presented minutes of the 1998 Annual Meeting. There was no quorum for this meeting, so it was held for informational purposes only. The board agreed that the minutes of the meeting could be posted on the web, provided that it was made clear that the meeting was informal.
99-03 Move that the membership secretary shall be directed to conduct an audit of the life members under the direction of the president. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent
99-04 Move to accept Mike Burba as a life member with the stipulation that he supply the membership secretary with his social security
number. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
as amended
Move to form a budget committee consisting of Chris Chase, Steve Frymer, Bob Messenger, and Tom Filipek, chaired by Bob Messenger. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
99-06 Move for MACA to adopt the Internet domain name at a cost not to exceed $200. (Kaprielian) PASSED without dissent.
as amended
Move to appoint Mark Kaprielian as Webmaster with Harvey Reed and David True as Assistant Webmasters, the president to have the authority to suspend the Webmaster and Assistant Webmasters pending the adoption of web policies. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
as amended
The president shall appoint acting coordinators and committees whose terms shall expire at the next meeting of the board. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
99-09 Move to provide $150 in financial support to Lu Yin to participate in the Denker tournament, provided that he submits an article for Chess Horizons. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
99-10 The next board meeting shall be held on the 22nd of July from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. at the IBM facility at 404 Wyman St., Waltham. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.

[Note: after the meeting it was found that the next meeting could not be held at the IBM facility on the 22nd. It was subsequently decided that the meeting would be held on July 27th, at the same time and place.]

  The meeting was adjourned at 5:13 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Robert Messenger, Clerk