Minutes of the MACA Board Meeting
Held July 27th 1998 at the IBM facility in Waltham, Mass.

  President Chris Chase called the meeting to order at 7:19 p.m. Present were Chase, Mark Kaprielian, Peter Sherwood, Bob Messenger, Michael Gosselin, Todd Chase, Gus Gosselin, and Steve Frymer.
  The minutes of the June meeting were approved without changes
  President Chase agreed that he would discuss with Stephen Dann the possibility of running a MACA auction, and he informed the board that Geoff Polizoti will represent Massachusetts at this year's Denker tournament in place of Lu Yin.
99-11 Move to amend Motion 99-09 to strike "Lu Yin" and substitute "the next highest finishing available player from the high school championship". (Kaprielian) PASSED without dissent.
  The president informed the board that Harry Lyman had donated an additional $150 to cover Polizoti's expenses at the Denker tournament, in addition to MACA's $150.
  It was the sense of the board that it would be optional for life members to provide their social security numbers, and that Mark Burba, who was accepted as a life member at the June meeting on the condition that he provide his social security number, would be treated as a life member until the next board meeting when Motion 99-04 could be addressed.
  The president also informed the board that he was acting as editor for the September-October issue of Chess Horizons.
  Speaking for the editor search committee, C. Chase said that the committee was not yet ready to report. The committee plans to meet in August and report to the board at its September meeting. Candidates so far for the position of editor are: Peter Sherwood, Mark Donlan, Martin Laine, and Glen Sarvis.
99-12 Move that the editor search committee distribute materials to the members of the board at least ten days before the next board meeting. This will include statements by each candidate who submits one, the positives and negatives of each candidate, and a recommendation for the next editor with reasons. (M. Gosselin) PASSED without dissent.
  Messenger presented the report of the budget committee.
99-13 Move that MACA increase dues to $15 for adults. (G. Gosselin)    NOTICE FOR NEXT MEETING.
99-14 Move that MACA increase dues to $7 for juniors. (M. Gosselin)    NOTICE FOR NEXT MEETING
99-15 Move that MACA change the bylaws so that up to 20 people can be on the board. (G. Gosselin)    NOTICE FOR NEXT MEETING.
as amended
Move that MACA establish an advisory committee for seniors chaired by Gus Gosselin. The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the volunteer efforts of our senior citizen chess players. (G. Gosselin) PASSED without dissent.
99-17 Move that MACA establish a home base. (G. Gosselin) FAILED
99-18 Move that MACA survey its readers (subscribers) for what the content of the magazine should be. (G. Gosselin) TABLED.
as amended
Move that MACA provide $150 in financial support to Noah Pang for his attendance of the U.S. Open and World Championships for his age group provided that he agrees to aid in the writing of a story for Chess Horizons. The money will be paid when Noah has returned from the World Championship event. (T. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
99-20 Move to have a committee appointed to draft a mission statement.   The mission statement should be worded in a way that makes clear the purpose of the organization and the means by which the organization pursues the fulfilling of that purpose. The committee is to be comprised of three board members with Mark Kaprielian as the chairman. (Kaprielian) PASSED without dissent.
  Frymer presented the tournament committee's proposal for the Greater Boston Open:

Prizes: $2500 based on 125 paid players, $2000 (80%) guaranteed.
Entry fees: $30 to $40 in advance plus $6 at the door.
The break-even point is 85 players. Projected profit is about $600 for 100 players or $1000 for 125 players.
There is a Rated Beginners section but no Scholastic section.
The chief TD will be paid $1.25 per player total, or a minimum of $60 per day. There will be no paid assistant TDs.
99-21 Move to accept the GBO tournament structure as proposed by the tournament committee. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.
99-22 The following coordinators and committees were appointed by unanimous consent of the board. (C. Chase)

Scholastic coordinator: Tom Filipek
Tournament coordinator: Steve Frymer
Webmaster: Mark Kaprielian
Assistant webmasters: David True, Harvey Reed
Prison chess coordinator: Steve Frymer
Living Memorial and Comeau Fund coordinator: Gus Gosselin
Bylaws committee: Mark Kaprielian, Bob Messenger, Steve Frymer, and Stephen Dann
Finance/audit committee: Bob Messenger, Steve Frymer, and Stephen Dann
Publications committee: Chris Chase, Steve Frymer, and Tom Filipek
Publications coordinator: Chris Chase
Membership secretary: Brian Warnock
Data processor: Brian Warnock
99-23 Move to hold the next board meeting on September 13th at 2:30 p.m. at the IBM facility in Waltham. (C. Chase) PASSED without dissent.   (Note: the IBM facility is at 404 Wyman St.)
as amended
Move to relocate the MACA website to a web service provider who supports MS Front Page 98 and web managed lists and purchase four lists for use by MACA, at a cost not to exceed $500. (Kaprielian) PASSED without dissent.
99-25 Move to approve the budget committee's proposed budget with the addition of $390 per Chess Horizons issue for postage, until a final budget has been approved. (Kaprielian) PASSED without dissent.
  The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Messenger, Clerk.