Massachusetts Chess Association Board Meeting Minutes 7/18/99

The MACA board held its second meeting of Fiscal Year, 2000 on Sunday, July 18, 1999 at the Malden VFW Post. In attendance: Stephen Dann, president; Michael Gosselin, vice president; Steven Frymer, treasurer; Walter Driscoll; Peter Lee; Peter Sherwood; Valery Frenklakh; Homer Franck; Joshua Marcus; Gus Gosselin.

The meeting was called to order at 1:44pm.

The minutes of the June 27, 1999 meeting were approved as corrected.

The treasurer's report was discussed and generally approved. Frymer noted that the annual membership income is approximately $6550. The number of members is between 900 and 1000. The position of Membership Coordinator is vacant and needs to be filled. Until this happens new memberships should be routed through Mark Kaprielian, Webmaster. Michael Gosselin is the liaison between the board and Mark.

Two people have recently applied for Life Membership: Nicholas Sterling and Bob Baker. A motion was made by Sherwood and seconded by Frymer to approve these memberships. The vote was 9-0 in favor.

There was a general discussion of the annual budget, finance and software.

The following motions were made and voted:

005: The annual budget was submitted in writing as a portion of the Meeting Agenda document. The motion, made by Frymer, seconded by Sherwood, was to approve the budget as submitted with the provision that 20% of ad income shall be paid to the Ad Manager as compensation for finding the ads.

[NOTE: The ad deadline for the next issue of Chess Horizons is Sept. 1, 1999.] S. Dann is the acting Business Manager.

The vote: 8-0 in favor.

006: A motion, made by Sherwood, seconded by Franck: No fee shall be charged for Tournament Announcements in Chess Horizons.

The vote: 8-0 in favor.

007: A motion, made by Frymer, seconded by Marcus: Fifty dollars ($50.) shall be paid from MACA funds to the USCF Charitable Trust in the name of Kermit Pransky of Sharon, recently deceased.

The vote: 9-0 in favor.

008: A motion, made by Frymer, seconded by M. Gosselin: Fifty dollars ($50.) shall be paid from MACA funds to the I.M. John Watson Medial Fund.

The vote: 9-0 in favor.

009: A motion, made by Driscoll, seconded by M. Gosselin: MACA shall establish a bank account in support of the 2001 U.S. Open Chess Tournament presently being planned for a Massachusetts site.

The vote after extensive discussion: deferred until the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, September 12, at Steven Frymer's home in Lexington.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15pm.

Submitted by H. Franck, note-taker