MACA Minutes  1999-Oct-03


The meeting at the Kennedy Senior Center was attended by Stephen Dann, Michael Gosselin, Steven Frymer, Peter Sherwood, Joshua Marcus and William Gennert. It was called to order at 1:20 p.m. 

President Steve Dann gave a report that included his agenda of topics for discussion. He also read the minutes of the 7-18-99 meeting and asked for corrections. These included new wording ("The Treasurer gave a report that was accepted by the Board") and a correction ("John Watson Medical Fund"), etc. The Board then unanimously approved these minutes, as corrected. 

Vice President Mike Gosselin gave his suggestions for "developing MACA to what it once was." He would like to have more youngsters playing chess, with their parents joining MACA. Other goals are to increase and retain membership and having more members involved in our activities.

Treasurer Steve Frymer's report noted that income increased in the last fiscal year in comparison to the previous one(-$3,100). Our total assets were $52,846.53 as of June 30, 1999. The Board voted 6-0 to accept the report. Steve said later that the budget estimate for membership income should be reduced to $7,000 (from $7,500) because of decreased membership. 

Motion 0010: Valery Frenklakh's resignation as Scholastic Chess Coordinator was accepted (5 in favor, 1 abstained). Mike Gosselin will ask him whether he also intends to resign from the Board.

Motion 0011: Homer Franck's resignation from the MACA Board was accepted.

Donna Alarie and George Mirijanian were unanimously voted in as new Board members.

Motion 0012: Donna Alarie was also appointed to be Membership Secretary/Membership Coordinator by a unanimous vote.

Motion 0013: Editor Peter Sherwood provided details on the scheduling, printing and mailing costs for the next issue of Chess Horizons. He estimated that 1,500 copies would be printed. Additional copies will be needed for mailing to advertisers and editors of other chess magazines. By an 8-0 vote the Board authorized the printing of 500 copies of Chess Horizons above the regular run, to be used for promotional purposes.

Scholastic Tournaments: Mike Gosselin talked about sending out a scholastic flyer. Milton Academy will be the site of one area's event. A location for the northeast tournament is still needed.

Motion 0014: A By-Laws Coordinator has yet to be appointed. Copies of the current by-laws will be sent to each Board member before the next meeting. The Board voted that there should be an item by item discussion of Mark Kaprielian's proposal and that 30 minutes be reserved for it at the next Board meeting.

Motion 0015: After some discussion the Board voted to pay $250 each to Jack Stolerman and Noah Pang for their expenses regarding the World Championship tournament in Barcelona, assuming that they do participate.

The next meeting of the MACA Board is scheduled for Sunday, November 7, 1999 starting at 1:00 p.m. at the Kennedy Senior Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Submitted by William R. Gennert, Clerk