MACA Minutes  1999-Nov-07


The meeting at the Kennedy Senior Center was attended by Stephen Dann, Steven Frymer, Donna Alarie, William Gennert, George Mirijanian and Peter Sherwood. It was called to order at 1:14 pm.

President Steve Dann reported on the volume of e-mail he has been receiving. He has established a bulk mail permit (#1065) for MACA and will investigate a less expensive permit for future mailings of Chess Horizons. He noted that we will eventually also need a first class permit.


The minutes for the meeting on October 3, 1999 were amended as follows:

1. Non-members who were present when the Board meeting was called to order were Donna Alarie and George Mirijanian. 

2. Motion 0010 (Valery Frenklakh's resignation as Scholastic Chess Coordinator): Steve Frymer had abstained; the motion passed with 5 in favor and 1 abstention. 

3. Motion 0014 (proposed discussion of by-laws): Peter Sherwood had already left, so the vote in favor was 7-0. 4. Motion 0015 (Pang/Stolerman expenses): It was noted that the Board's approval did not establish a precedent for any such future payments. 


Motion 0016: The Board unanimously accepted the resignation of Valery Frenklakh as a member of the Board.

Donna Alarie reported on the potential liabiliity and indemnification risks of Board members if, for example, an accident occurred during a tournament. She noted that the minimum available policy is for $1,000,000 and that a "general liability" policy would cost $500-$700 per year. Several questions were raised, and Donna will seek a legal opinion about the members' need for coverage. 

Motion 0017: MACA's annual corporate filing requires that there be an official address. The motion that the location of MACA's principal office in Massachusetts will be 64 Asbury Street, Lexington, Massachusetts 02421, was passed without dissent. 

Motion 0018: The removal of the Webmaster's e-mail address from both the Board of Directors and Chess Horizons mailing lists was approved without dissent. 

Steve Dann left the meeting to call Mike Gosselin at home. He reported back that Mike needs: 

1. Volunteers to assist him with the Fall Foliage tournament, and 

2. A northeast location for the Scholastic Tournament. Steve Frymer said that he has a site and will let Mike know.

It was the "sense of the Board" that its future meetings should be scheduled for the second Sunday of the month. The Clerk will contact each member one week in advance to verify that there will be a quorum.

Peter Sherwood talked about the November-December 1999 issue of Chess Horizons. He is concerned about the $3,000 printing bill and plans to negotiate a reduction, if possible. Peter asked members for their suggestions so that Chess Horizons could be available for sale on newsstands, etc.

Motion 0019: The MACA Life Membership for William Pryeor of Connecticut was approved without dissent. 

For lack of quorum the discussion of other agenda items was deferred when Peter Sherwood had to leave at 4:00 p.m.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Sunday, December 12, 1999. It will take place at 145 Bonad Road in South Brookline (home of William Gennert), starting at 1:00 p.m.*

Submitted by William R. Gennert, Clerk

*Note: Directions will follow.