APPROVED Minutes of MACA Board Meeting 12-12-99

The meeting at William Gennertís home was called to order at 1:32 pm. Attendees were: Stephen Dann, Michael Gosselin, Steven Frymer, William Gennert, Donna Alarie, Walter Driscoll, Peter Lee, George Mirijanian and Peter Sherwood. Board candidate Harvey Reed was also present.

The minutes for the meeting on November 7, 1999 were accepted without dissent.

President Steve Dannís report included our ongoing need for more manpower, the requirement for an "Election Committee" and the recent problems in running tournaments.

Treasurer Steve Frymer distributed information for September-October 1999 that showed net income of $760.32. In the discussion of this report Peter Sherwood mentioned " the need for a better (accounting) system." Donna Alarie asked about a current balance and bank statements. Based on her recent experiences, she suggested better bookkeeping for tournaments and an improved method of handling advance entry fees. Donna noted that a better accounting system would also tell us whether or not a tournament was a financial success.

Motion 0020: By December 22, 1999 the Treasurer will provide Donna Alarie with copies of bank statements, canceled checks or check registers, and copies of recent registers in order to produce a year-to-date balance sheet and income statements. Motion moved by Peter Sherwood, seconded by Peter Lee, and passed with 7 in favor, 1 opposed (Walter Driscoll) and 1 abstention (Steve Frymer).

Steve Frymer moved that the Boardís rules be suspended to discuss the nomination of Harvey Reed to fill the vacancy on the Board of Directors. This action was approved by an 8-1 vote.

Motion 0021: (moved by Steve Fymer, seconded by Mike Gosselin) the motion to elect Harvey Reed to the Board was passed without dissent.

Vice President Mike Gosselin distributed copies of his brochure, "Death of MACA." It was designed as a "wake up call" since, if current negative membership trends continue, he said that our organization would cease to exist. His suggestions for survival include an increase in active MACA participation and more publicity. The Clerk is sending a copy of this brochure to Board members who were absent.

Steve Frymer noted that there was insufficient publicity for Scholastic tournaments and that the Greater Boston Open lost money because limited publicity resulted in not enough


Motion 0022: (moved by Donna Alarie, seconded by George Mirijanian) For all future

MACA tournaments whoever is collecting advance entry fees should be one of the Tournament Directors. During the discussion Peter Sherwood suggested an earlier cutoff date for advance entries and an entry form with blanks for all the information required by the Tournament Director and organizer.

Without dissent this subject was referred to the Tournament Committee. Steve Frymer is to be Tournament Coordinator and will be assisted by Mike Gosselin, George Mirijanian, Peter Lee, Donna Alarie, and Steve Dann ex officio.

Donna Alarie presented her 10-page report, "Pillsbury Major Problems and Proposals for Resolution", which was referred to the Tournament Committee.

By acclamation the Board thanked Donna Alarie for all her work in reporting on tournament problems and possible solutions.

Steve Frymer said that the Tournament Committee should also be involved in decisions about our sponsorship of the 2000 New England Open and should report back to the Board for its vote.

Mike Gosselin reported that the Fall Foliage tournament (11-14-99) went well. There were 96 participants and a small profit. $246 was also collected for MACA memberships.

The Board unanimously agreed to commend and thank Franklin Herman for the "great job" he has done as Assistant Tournament Director.

Chess Horizons: The January-February issue will be delivered to subscribers shortly after January 1st. Editor Peter Sherwood obtained cost quotations from three other printers, all of which exceeded the one we have been using. We need to review the postal regulations to determine how mailing costs can be reduced. The magazine needs an Advertising Manager; suggestions should be sent to Peter or Steve Dann.

In her report about membership Donna Alarie talked about the chaotic condition of the membership data base. The information needs considerable work to update it. Additional confusion continues to result when memberships paid for at tournaments are not reported promptly by the Tournament Director.

It was noted for the record that MACAís total was 693 as of November 9, 1999 (307 Adults, 192 Life Members and 194 Juniors).

Steve Dann brought up the urgent need for revising and updating MACAís by-laws. Among other things he noted that the formula for determining how many Board members there should be needs to be examined.

Motion 0023: A motion for an immediate discussion of how to revise the by-laws was defeated by a 5-4 vote.

Motion 0024: (moved by Donna Alarie, seconded by Walter Driscoll) The by-laws will be reviewed by the By-Laws Committee. This committee will report to the Board at its next meeting. This motion was passed by a unanimous vote.

Motion 0025: It was moved to appoint Donna Alarie to chair the By-Laws Committee. She will have the authority to appoint Committee members who can be non-Board members. Motion passed with 8 votes in favor and 1 abstention (Donna).

Motion 0026: A motion to appoint George Mirijanian as Election Commissioner. He will appoint 3 other members, and a report to the Board will be made by February 13, 2000. The motion was approved with 8 votes and 1 abstention (George).

The role of MACA in the 2001 U.S. Open, scheduled to be held in Framingham, was discussed by Steve Frymer. MACA would be the tournamentís sponsor and the treasurer for local funds. In the worst case scenario MACA would be assuming the responsibility for a potential loss of $3,000. This topic was tabled and will be considered as "old business" at the Boardís next meeting.

Donna Alarie had previously discussed the Board membersí need for liability insurance

with a lawyer. His opinion was that, although our risk seemed to be low, a liability policy was highly recommended. Donna mentioned an annual cost estimate of $500-700. for this policy.

Motion 0027: The motion that Donna Alarie will investigate the obtaining of a commercial insurerís proposal for a general liability policy was approved without dissent.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 9, 2000 at the Kennedy Senior Center.

William R. Gennert, Clerk