Approved  MACA Board Minutes of September 21, 2000


The meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m. by Vice President Mark Kaprielian at the Kennedy Senior Center.  Attending members were (alpha list) Donna Alarie, Robert Cruickshank, William Gennert, Mark Kaprielian, Peter Lee and Geoffrey Polizoti. 


Motion 0117:  (Alarie moved, Gennert seconded)  The motion to accept the resignations of Board members Franklin Herman and Bradford Wyatt was passed without dissent.


Motion 0118:  (Alarie moved, Gennert seconded)  The motion to nominate Robert King and Michael Hoffpauir as candidates for election as new Board members was passed without dissent.  Motion 0119:  (Alarie moved, Cruickshank seconded)  The motion to elect Robert King and Michael Hoffpauir as Board members was passed without dissent.  The Clerk has since advised them accordingly. 


Motion 0120:  (Lee moved, Alarie seconded)  The motion to approve the minutes for the meeting on July 9, 2000 was passed without dissent. 


Treasurer’s Report:  Donna Alarie has set the end of October as the target date for preparing a full report on MACA’s financial condition.  She distributed a list of the numerous money items that have to be resolved before the balance sheet, income statement, etc. can be completed. 


Her other handout provided details about the continuing losses from publishing Chess Horizons, the Prison Chess program and MACA’s investment portfolio.  Among Donna’s suggestions for improving our finances are increasing membership, higher dues and additional newsstand sales of Chess Horizons.


As Membership Secretary she also reported that all pending membership transactions will be completed by the end of September.


Tournaments:  The U.S.Open 2001 tournament will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Framingham, MA.  Chairperson Donna Alarie has established a planning committee that will soon be meeting regularly.


Motion 0121:  (Alarie moved, Gennert seconded)  Robert Campbell was approved as a Life member with 5 in favor (Alarie, Cruickshank, Gennert, Kaprielian, Lee) and 1 opposed (Polizoti). 


Motion 0122:  (Kaprielian moved, Lee seconded)  The motion that Mark Donlan be hired as the Editor of Chess Horizons was passed without dissent. 


Motion 0123:  (Alarie moved, Lee seconded)  The motion that MACA pay $250. to Max Enkin for his participation in the World Youth Championships in Spain was approved without dissent, providing that he writes an article for Chess Horizons about his tournament experience.


Robert Cruickshank asked that he be allowed to step down as Scholastic Coordinator but agreed to continue as a member of the Scholastic committee.  Motion 0124:  (Kaprielian moved, Alarie seconded)  Michael Hoffpauir was approved as Scholastic Coordinator without dissent.


Motion 0125:  The motion to appoint Steven Frymer as Prison Chess Coordinator was approved without dissent. 


The appointment of MACA’s USCF delegates was discussed by  Donna Alarie.  Elected to this position are William Kelleher, Steven Frymer and George Mirijanian, with Peter Sherwood as an alternate delegate.  It was agreed that these selections be officially recommended to President Harvey Reed.


Motion 0126:  (Kaprielian moved, Alarie seconded)  The motion that all players with ratings of 2400 and over be granted free entry to all MACA tournaments, except for national tournaments, was passed without dissent. 


Motion 0127:  (Lee moved, Gennert seconded)  The motion to appoint Robert Cruickshank as Fund Raising Coordinator was passed without dissent.  


The discontinuance of MACA’s practice of discounting memberships and Chess Horizons subscriptions for members of other New England Chess Associations was mentioned briefly.  This action will be discussed further at a later meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


No date was established for the next meeting.  Board members will be polled to determine the most convenient day and time. 


                                                     William R. Gennert