Agenda for Maca Board Meeting


Natick Senior Center, 7:30 PM

Revised 02-11-01

I.        First order of buisness

A.      President's comments

B.      Approval of previous minutes

1.       2000-11-27

2.       2000-12-18

3.       2001-01-03

C.      Amendments to the Agenda

D.      Selection of Meeting Date

1.       Confirmation of next Meeting date and location 

2.       Other Meeting dates

II.      REPORTS - To present the results of some activity

A.      Treasurer

1.       Financial Status

2.       Un-deposited Checks

3.       Chess Horizons advertisements not yet paid for

B.      Scholastics (Mike Hoffpauir)

1.       State Championship series status

2.       State Championship Arbitrations of disputes (if any)

3.       Other Scholastic activities

4.       Possible successors to current co-coordinator and transition recommendations.

III.    DIRECTION The Discussion of an issue for soliciting the boards inclination possibly resulting in Motions being created.

A.      Election procedures including nominations deadline of 2-15, appointment of Election Commission and Chairman and candidates' statements, etc.(Bob Messenger)

B.      Bylaws

1.       Changing the number of Directors -suggestion that Mark Kaprielian withdraw his "bylaws proposal" .(Bob Messenger)

2.       Request that his "bylaws amendments" be discussed (Steve Frymer).

C.      Need for working on Policies and Procedures. Establishment of a committee headed by Mark Kaprielian (Bob Messenger)

IV.    PROPOSALS - A proposal requiring approval of the board.

A.      Proposed Motion To transfer money from the Life Membership Fund to the General Fund to cover MACA's deficit.

1.       Plan for repayment of loan.

B.      Proposed Motion - To amend motion on Prison Chess, passed at the 1-3-01 meeting, as follows: "Resolved, that the Treasurer shall establish a Prison Chess Fund. All prison chess donations received since July 1, 2000, or received in the future, and all interest earned by money in the Prison Chess Fund, shall go into the Fund. All money spent on prison chess since July 1, 2000 or in the future shall be taken from the Prison Chess Fund. In addition, the Prison Chess Fund shall be charged $4. per year for each prison chess subscription to Chess Horizons, starting in December, 2000, provided that such subscriptions have been approved by the Prison Chess Coordinator." (Bob Messenger)

C.      Proposed Motion - To transfer all cash from the Capital Equipment Fund into the General Fund Computer hardware and software now in the Capital Equipment Fund, or acquired in the future, will remain in the Fund. (Bob Messenger)

V.      Nomination Seeking a vote on a candidate for the board

A.      No Nominations for the Board at this time

VI.    Other - Other matters not clearly falling into defined item types