Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Kennedy Senior Center, Natick, Mass

Minutes Prepared by Mark Kaprielian, Clerk

Scheduled:   7:30 PM

Opened:   7:53 PM

Closed:   10:42 PM


Board Members




Guests Present


Robert King






Steve Frymer


8 :03




Bob Messenger






Mark Kaprielian






Stephen Dann






Larry Eldridge






Tony Gavelis






Gus Gosselin






Peter Lee






Tim Oliveri






Harvey Reed











   Note:  All vote tallies are shown as   For – Against – Abstention, e.g.  5 – 2 – 1

President’s Report

President, Robert King thanked Bob Messenger for his contributing $2,922 to the USCF for the purpose of covering the USCF payment to Maca for the amount due from them for the US Open.

Much budget discussion was undertaken since the last meeting, the details of which will be covered later in the meeting.


Motion_2001-11_ 1

            Gavelis, Messenger 2nd

To approve the Draft 2 minutes of the 10-19-01 meeting with additional corrections of the motion numbers to reflect the tenth month.

Passed:  6 – 0 - 0

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer presented the standard monthly report to the board.  A copy will be sent to the Web team for posting.

Discussion: 15 minutes

Life Membership


Coordinator Reports

Membership Report

None given.

Database Coordinator.

The database is up to date.

Tournament Coordinator’s Report

The Tournament Coordinator reported that he had resigned as of his email earlier this month.  He will continue to TD events for Maca.

Greater Boston Open Report.   The event made $882.75.  Even though the turn out was less than hoped for, approximately 60 players, the event made money primarily because of minimal publicity cost, approximately $12 and because of the exceptionally low rent.

Items that still need to be addressed:

Mass Game 60, probably in April needs to be worked on.

The Mass Open needs to be arranged.  Returning to Marlboro may be a good option this year.

The Danvers Open planning.

Discussion: 9 minutes

New Tournament Coordinator, Steve Frymer, whose appointment occurs later in these minutes, reported as follows:

The Pillsbury event is essentially taken care of by Bob Messenger.

The Mass Game 60 will be planned for the Natick Senior Center site.

The Mass Open negotiations are already under way with the Radisson in Marlboro.  There is a cut-off date of November 23rd.  50 room nights are required to get free rent.

 Western Mass Chess Association / Joe Sparks is proposing to run the event but there appears to be little upside for Maca.

Someone from the Lynnfield Colonial/Sheraton on Rt. 128 has made an inquiry to have us hold the event there.  Beautiful site but expensive.

Scholastic Coordinator Report

Scholastic Coordinator Tony Gavelis reported that he had submitted his resignation by email, effective December 1st, due to personal commitments consuming more of his time.

Tony said that tournaments out of the Metro West Region and South do not appear to be worthwhile.

The Shrewsbury - St. John’s was a wonderful looking site with lots of room but we are not allowed to make use of the full facilities due to the school wanting to protect the floors.

The largest number of pre-registrations comes from handouts at Burger King and other events.  Very few come from being printed out on the web.

There seems to be a desire from parents/kids to have under prizes in rated age group sections.

Not getting any complaints that rounds start late but lots of questions about when the kids will be done and why are the games taking so long.

A bigger site for the team event is needed.

Discussion: 21 minutes

Publications Coordinator.

No Report


No Report

Clubs and Volunteers

Robert King reported that he has not received any new news or reports.  He will be sending in news to CH to cover the Boylston Chess Club.

Committee Reports


Tim Oliveri presented a report outlining the steps we should take to overhaul the way we invest our funds.  Most of the work would be placed on our broker to make recommendations in line with the cash flow needs and the nature of the purpose of our funds.

A copy of the report will be posted with these minutes.

Motion_2001-11_ 2

            Kaprielian, Messenger 2nd

To accept the Finance committees report.

Passed:  7 – 0 – 0

Motion_2001-11_ 3

            Kaprielian, Frymer 2nd

To form an investment committee to use as a guide the recommendations of the approved investment committee report.  This committee to be Chaired by Tim Oliveri and composed of Robert King, Robert Messenger and Gus Gosselin.  The committee is to have in place the policy and procedures and specific investment recommendations by the February board meeting.

Passed:  7 – 0 – 0

Discussion: 21 minutes

 Budget Committee

Bob Messenger reviewed the committee’s current proposals that have been in discussion and walked the board through the details.  A final budget will be presented for the next meeting.

Old Business



New Business

Appointment of Election Commisioner

Motion_2001-11_ 4

            Lee, King 2nd

To appoint Tim Oliveri as election commissioner.

Passed:  7 – 0 – 0

Tournament operations committee formation

Motion_2001-11_ 5

            Frymer, Lee 2nd

To appoint Steve Frymer as Tournament Coordinator.

Passed:  6 – 0 – 1

Motion_2001-11_ 6

            Messenger, Lee 2nd

To approve the Radisson in Marlboro as the site of the 2002 Mass Open (see details in Tournament coordinator’s report above).

Passed:  7 – 0 – 0

Discussion of how to improve turn out centering discussion of  tournaments

Discussion about getting outside help in doing the legwork to set up tournaments.  An example would be asking senior centers if there are any go-getters who might volunteer or work for some nominal fee.


Motion_2001-11_ 7

            Lee, Oliveri 2nd

Motion to Adjourn.

Passed:  7 – 0 – 0