MACA Volunteer Coordinator Report

Harvey Reed



I am pleased to announce a Volunteer Appreciation Reception to be held on April 27, 2003 at the residence of Maryanne Reilly.


Below is the content of the invitation sent to volunteers


From: "Harvey G. Reed (chess)"


Subject: Maca Board:  MACA Volunteer Appreciation Reception

Date: Monday, October 14, 2002 7:43 PM


Dear Board Members and Scholastic Volunteers,


Maryanne Reilly has volunteered her home in Newton to host a MACA Volunteer Appreciation Reception to be held at a date TBD this Spring. I was planning for one in November but she talked me out of it due to tight scholastic schedules.


This reception will be a huge "Thank You!" to all volunteers. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes from Entry Takers doing pre-registration of Scholastics, to hall monitors TDs of Adult and Scholastic, and all of the Board members, and of course, the Chess Horizons Editor, and his staff.


I will throw a date out of Sunday April 27, which I believe is after the Scholastic State Championship, and a time of 2pm. Other details will be TBD.


The people on the list (and this email) so far is the Board of Directors, Helen Thomas, Sandy Wilson, Lucy Lockwood, Ken Belt, Ken Moraff, Ron Rice, Nancy Mann , Frank Iuso (I don't have Mike's email),  Randall & Mary Miller, The Seely's, Mark Donlan. I will ask Mark Donlan to invite Chris Desmarais, Andrew Bakker, Stacy Angle, Richard Murphy, and Tony Cortizas Jr.


Let's plan on the date and time, and plan on having a great time!


Comments or Suggestions?


Harvey Reed

President, Massachusetts Chess Association