Combined Monthly Coordinators Report and Tournament Report


Central Mass Scholastic Open (Qualifier for State Championship)


Central Mass Novice Chess Challenge

Tournament Operations Report

November 2, 2002



The accounting has been completed and submitted to Bob Messenger.Preliminary estimate is that this tournament was a loss.There were a few minor issues but the event went off successfully.


Operational Problems

There were some operational problems due to insufficient registration staff.

I canít find the manual entry log of door cash & checks.Did we make and keep one?

I think everything was entered into the computer database, possibly skipping some entries.With only two registration people, both were handling money and taking entries.This is why the cross tables have more players than the database reports.The gross receipts look about right.I donít think anyone snuck in free.


Several players were not entered into the database for advance entries and at the door.These players were entered into the tournament however.The advance entries that were not entered were ones that had membership issues that were being followed up.††


Membership cards could not be computer generated.The usual printer was down.The backup printer was problematic.Nothing got printed.


Tournament hall problems arose when a bye was given a player in the qualifier.

Time control confusion and time delay issues were also misunderstood.††


Corrective measures

A pre-tournament meeting on Saturday to test equipment, run reports and address issues is necessary.We were short staffed when Peter Lee & Sandy Wilson couldnít be replaced in time.We need three registration staff to handle the front end.One is to review entries, the second to handle money and the third to enter data.


A pre-tournament meeting with organizational staff, monitors, TDís and assistants to review the rules and expectations of the tournament.We all have to be on the same page.


Cost containment issues

The tournaments are running over budget.Both the Fall Foliage Chess Fest and this event went above budget projections even with a reasonable turnout.††


The current tournament staff consists of two paid tournament directors and one paid entry taker who receives mail, performs database entry and tournament registration. These costs have doubled this year and for good reason.In order to retain our competent staff and maintain the ability to encourage replacements we have to pay them fairly.The rest are committed, unpaid volunteers such as Peter Lee, Steve Frymer, Sandy Wilson, Tony Gavelis and an occasional parent.Mark Kaprielian also spends uncountable hours on the web, mailing list and database.†† We need more committed volunteers.††


Site costs are higher than planned.JFK School in Natick now requires table rentals to handle 140 or more players and their entourage comfortably.I will need to rent the adjacent Brown Elementary School for the State Championship players and hold the Gus Gosselin Grade Championship at JFK.This will add $300 to the costs on March 2nd.Milton Academy will be free on February 2nd, but only agrees to one tournament a year.


Trophies & awards have gone up more than expected due a breakdown in communication between the interim store managers at Emblem & Badge and myself.The second interim manager reneged on the original agreement.Iím working with the Providence office to get back the same deals we had last year.Iím also scaling down to nice, but less expensive trophies and recycling unused trophies to the next event (even if they donít match styles).The State Singles Championship will go from ten back to three place winners.†† The State Team Championship may also go from five to three place winners depending on sponsorship.


Administrative & postage costs need to be reigned in.I will no longer ship lost & found articles back to owners nor will I ship or deliver trophies at MACA expense to players who donít stay for the trophy presentations.If they want their goodies, theyíll have to arrange pickup or pay shipping.Promotional mailing cost can be cut in half if we get a nonprofit stamp for Natick so the senior citizens doing our mailings can presort and mail conveniently from their location.


To sum it up, we need:

Cheeper sites

Back to cheaper trophies

Nonprofit stamp for Natick

More committed volunteers, as opposed to occasional help at tournaments.





Future MACA Scholastic Tournaments



Check them out on the web and get back to me.

This year:

We have big issues on the SAME SCHOOL definition for THIS YEAR that need resolution ASAP.


Next year:

Qualification changes in the K-3ís will wait until next year.

Merge or split the 4-6 into smaller sections for next year?††

Lots of issues for next year to think about NOW.




MACA Holiday Team ChallengeDecember 8, 2002

Promotional email went out to coaches Friday.

Plan to mail to MACA juniors & family this week.


Western MA Qualifier, January 12, 2003

Not planning to promote this unless Board wants to.


St. Johnís High !!!

Their coach wants a tournament in January, February or March.

Is anyone interested in pursuing this?I donít have time for this one.This one pulled in 70 kids while competing with The Northeast Getaway last year.There are some new, active clubs in Grafton and Worcester for a possible good turnout.


Eastern MA Scholastic Singles Qualifier and Novice Challenge, February2003

On schedule.


Gus Gosselin Grade Championhsip, March 2003

On schedule


MASS Scholastic Singles Championship March 2003

Requesting site expansion to Brown Elementary school.If not approved, weíll squeeze everyone into the middle school like last year.


Hurvitz Cup / State Team Championship, April 2003

Site pending.Request sent in for Natick, pending.

Steve Frymer is working on Milford Radisson for site also.Iíd prefer the hotel to the school.Go for it Steve.Theyíll both cost about the same if Steve works his negotiating magic.