Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Kennedy Senior Center, Natick, Mass

Minutes Prepared by Mark Kaprielian, Clerk

Scheduled:   7:30 PM

Opened:   7:40 PM

Closed: 9:25 PM


Board Members




Guests Present


Harvey Reed




Ken Belt  7:50


Steve Frymer






Bob Messenger






Mark Kaprielian






Stephen Dann






Frank Del Bonis






Larry Eldridge






Tony Gavelis






Gus Gosselin






Robert King






Peter Lee






Tim Oliveri






Maryann Reilly

















   Note:  All vote tallies are shown as   For – Against – Abstention, e.g.  5 – 2 – 1


Table of Contents

I.     Meeting Called to Order.. 3

A.       Introductory Remarks – Harvey Reed. 3

B.       Introduction of Guests – Harvey Reed. 3

C.     Review of Agenda – Harvey Reed. 3

D.    Approval of Minutes – Harvey Reed. 3

E.       Treasurer’s Report – Bob Messenger 3

II.          Reports   3

A.    Archivist – Mark Kaprielian. 3

B.     Budget Coordinator – Bob Messenger 3

C.     Club Coordinator – Robert King. 3

D.    Data Processing Coordinator – Mark Kaprielian. 3

E.     LMCF Coordinator – Gus Gosselin. 4

F.       Investment Coordinator – Gus Gosselin. 4

G.       Membership Coordinator – Gus Gosselin. 4

H.       Parliamentarian – Mark Kaprielian. 4

I.     Prison Chess Coordinator – Steve Frymer 4

J.     Promotion Coordinator – Frank Del Bonis  4

K.       Publications Coordinator – Robert King. 5

L.       Scholastic Coordinator – Tony Gavelis. 5

M.       Tournament Coordinator 5

N.    Volunteer Coordinator – Harvey Reed. 5

O.    Web Master – Mark Kaprielian. 5

III.          Committee Reports.. 5

A.    Budget Committee – Bob Messenger 5

B.       Investment Committee – Gus Gosselin. 5

C.     Bylaws Committee – Mark Kaprielian. 5

IV.      Topics for Discussion and possible Action.. 5

A.    Selection of Election Commissioner – Reed  5

B.     Approval for sale of stock – Messenger 5

C.       Continuation of CH cost structure improvements – King/Messenger 6

D.       Promotional activities – Reed  6

V.       Other Topics that may arise during the meeting.. 6

A.    Changing scholastic events to age based  6

B.     Meeting Date  7

C.       Adjournment 7


I.        Meeting Called to Order by Steve Frymer, Maca VP.

A.      Introductory Remarks – Harvey Reed

Theme for this month is to gear up for elections, nominations. Do we each know one or two good people to nominate for next year? We also must make sure that CH cost structure work continues, at least so there can be a positive impact for next year.

B.      Introduction of Guests –

All present introduced them selves.

C.      Review of Agenda – Steve Frymer

No items were added to the agenda.

D.      Approval of Minutes – Steve Frymer



King, Messenger 2nd

To approve the Minutes of the 11-14-02 meeting as recalculated figures and new estimates in the Chess Horizons pricing table.

Passed:  3 – 0 - 0

E.      Treasurer’s Report – Bob Messenger

The Treasurer handed out copies of his monthly report and reviewed the past months activities.  Copies of the information will be posted on the web site.

II.      Reports

A.      Archivist – Mark Kaprielian

The Archivist had nothing to report.

B.      Budget Coordinator – Bob Messenger

The Budget Coordinator had reported that some email discussion occurred but no proposal at this time.

C.      Club Coordinator – Robert King

The Club Coordinator reported that there is some updated information about Borders Chess Club run by Richard Rose 7-11 on Tuesdays 508-759-7418

D.      Data Processing Coordinator – Mark Kaprielian

The Data Processing Coordinator made the following report.

At this point in time, I am unclear if I will be able to have labels in the mail on Tuesday for CH.  Thus, if the Magazine is done at the printer and arrives at the mail house by Thursday of next week, the lack of labels will then result in the magazine being held up at the mail house.

The particulars are detailed below.

I just received about 60 memberships, most of which are from November.  Half of these are for Juniors.   About 10 of these I am un sure of due to being presented on different rows of the spreadsheet.

Since the Registration database is still out, any changes to Juniors while the database is out is at risk.  If any of the Juniors played in the team event then their information will be returning.

This leaves me with a problem of trying to figure out if changes are in two places and if so, which one is valid. 

It seems that the best solution I have is to accept the Registration database data first then try to figure out what changes are valid after that.

List of items that I will have to do to get the database up to date

A    Split 60 just received into Adult info that I can process vs all the rest.

B    Process the Adults from above

C    Process Collection of corrections received by email over the last two days.

D    Wait for Registration Database to be returned.  Another pass at building and refining the tools for re-integrating it back into the main database was supposed to be done to move the process towards completion in time handing off the database to a new Database Coordinator.  Due to this rush situation, the tools will have to be used as.  With a limited number of opportunities to refine the process remaining, there is risk that it may not reach a sufficient level of completion to allow a general skilled coordinator to re-integrate the database thereby making such a person perform the integration on a record-by-record basis.    

F    Use existing pieces of automation to update database with Registration data.  Will likely still take at least 4 hours.

G    Will then have to examine person by person those submitted from the 60 just received who are Juniors and do updated accordingly.   Due to bad formatting of data, will take at least 2 hours.

H    Will have to wait memberships from the Pillsbury.

Since I will be at the Pillsbury this weekend, I will be focused on my play.  Saturday and Sunday are completely unavailable for Maca volunteer work.   I am busy all day Thursday and in the Evening have a Maca meeting.  Evening time will be spent wrapping up issues and minutes from the Meeting .  Friday is unavailable for volunteer work.

This leaves Monday to dedicate to nothing else but Maca.  Fortunately for Maca but not for my family, I am unemployed and will have to dedicate the day as best I can to updating the database.   This will not go over well with my wife.  Fixing problems with the data going into the database takes a lot more time and considerable effort than just doing a renewal.  Tuesday I will be unable to give time to Maca.

 Recommendations to avoid problems in the future:

     Those sending membership information should

A    Take the time and effort to send it in a format that can be easily handled by the database processor.  This is not complicated.   A certain number and properly named columns in spreadsheets with NO mixing of information in them is all that is needed.   A template will be provided.  People must learn to do the basics of handling files and filling in tables.   When sending by email, consistent presentation of the data will avoid confusion and complications.  People need to confirm the changes they submitted one made in the database.

B.    Memberships should not be held longer than a week.  Gather them up then send them Labels for CH, flyer mailings, splitting out the data for Scholastic events are all affected by delays in getting the information updated in a timely fashion.  The database processor must find time in their personal schedule to donate the time and effort to get the data processed.  This adds additional delay.    Doing this work in small chunks of time and effort is a lot less stressful than doing massive amounts all at once. 

The job should not take more than 4 hours a month.  Unnecessary complications continue to make it take much more than that.  Our current hot candidate for taking over this job is prepared to spend 1 hour a week to keep the database up to date.  Without improvement from the senders, it will remain impossible to achieve this and thus, you may end up with no-one willing to do the job.

E.      LMCF Coordinator – Gus Gosselin

The LMCF Coordinator reported that the latest activities of the fund have been posted to the web site.

F.      Investment Coordinator – Gus Gosselin

The Investment Coordinator had nothing to report.

G.     Membership Coordinator – Gus Gosselin

The Membership Coordinator had nothing to report

H.      Parliamentarian – Mark Kaprielian

The Parliamentarian had nothing to report.

I.        Prison Chess Coordinator – Steve Frymer

The Prison Chess Coordinator had nothing to report.

J.       Promotion Coordinator – Frank Del Bonis

The Promotion Coordinator had nothing to report.

K.      Publications Coordinator – Robert King

The Publications Coordinator reported:  No action was taken regarding the motion about changing printers due to late breaking information came to our attention that most likely would have changed our decision. 



King, Kaprielian  2nd

To Rescind the prior motion 2002-11-02  which directed us to change printers.

 Passed:  5 – 0 - 2      



King, Kaprielian  2nd

That Chess Horizons be printed in a 48 page self-cover format starting with the April issue.

 Passed:  5 – 0 - 0      

L.      Scholastic Coordinator – Tony Gavelis

The Scholastic Coordinator report was submitted prior to the meeting and posted to the web site.  An update given at the meeting was that the Team tournament looks like it will turn out to be profitable.  The pre-meeting report will be updated to including missing numbers.  Milton academy will be available for free for the next event.

M.     Tournament Coordinator

The Tournament Coordinator reported that we have 30 or so pre-registered for the upcoming Pillsbury memorial

Mass Game 60 on March 23rd with the same prize structure as last year and will be held at the Natick Senior Center.

Mass Open negotiations with the Radisson Marlboro are under way.

N.      Volunteer Coordinator – Harvey Reed

The Volunteer Coordinator had nothing to report.

O.     Web Master – Mark Kaprielian

The Web Master had nothing to report.

III.    Committee Reports

A.      Budget Committee – Bob Messenger

The Budget Committee Chairman reported that the committee is ready to disband.

B.      Investment Committee – Gus Gosselin

The Investment Committee Chairman had nothing to report.

C.      Bylaws Committee – Mark Kaprielian

The Bylaws Committee Chairman had nothing to report

IV.    Topics for Discussion and possible Action

A.      Selection of Election Commissioner – Reed


Discussion: We must start our election activities on time this year, so we don’t have the last minute confusion that we had last year. The first priority is to select an Election Commissioner.  At this time nobody has volunteered.

B.      Approval for sale of stock – Messenger


Discussion: I'm trying to sell 37 shares of Keyspan stock which have been called. Unfortunately we missed the original deadline for turning in our stock certificates, and now we have to supply the following document in order to complete the sale:


Copy of resolution of Board of Directors authorizing the transfer, sale and assignment, and naming therein the officer authorized to make the same.  The resolution must be certified under the corporate seal by and [sic] officer (other than the one named to act) to have been duly adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors duly called and held on a specified date at which a quorum was present.  The signature of the certifying officer should be guaranteed.


So what we need are: first, a motion at the next board meeting to authorize the sale of the stock; second, a corporate resolution, stamped with the corporate seal and notarized with a signature guarantee; and third, I need to  mail this resolution along with other documents to the bank which is holding the stock.


Assuming that this motion is approved, the next step will be for another officer, probably Kappy but it could be Harvey or Steve Frymer, to type up a resolution similar to the following and stamp it with the corporate seal:


To whom it may concern:


I, Mark Kaprielian, Clerk of the Massachusetts Chess Association, Inc., certify that on December 12th, 2002, at a meeting of the Board of Directors held in Natick, Massachusetts, a quorum being present, the Board approved the following corporate resolution: ‘Move to authorize Robert Messenger, Treasurer of the Massachusetts Chess Association, Inc., to transfer, sell and assign 37 shares of Keypan Series "AA" Preferred stock.’


Signed, Mark Kaprielian


Then take this to your bank and ask them to guarantee your signature (I think they have to watch you sign it and verify that you are who you say you are, under the Medallion Signature Guarantee program - at least that's how it's worked at my credit union when I've had to do this.)  Then mail me the original document and I'll send it on to the bank holding our stock, and hopefully we'll finally get paid for it..



Messenger, Kaprielian  2nd

Move to authorize Robert Messenger, Treasurer of the Massachusetts Chess Association, Inc., to transfer, sell and assign 37 shares of Keyspan Series "AA" Preferred stock.

 Passed:  5 – 0 – 0     


C.      Continuation of CH cost structure improvements – King/Messenger


Previously Addressed


D.      Promotional activities – Reed


The following discussion material was submitted but not discussed.


Discussion: There have been various discussion topics in the past about MACA promotion (King, Debonis, Gosselin, Frymer, et. al). The first thing to sort out is whether we are promoting MACA or Chess Horizons, and is there a difference? That is, is there something about MACA that people want other than CH? Or is it just CH? Depending on the answer, what we can use to promote MACA, is it just CH? Then, since Chess Horizons could be a part of a promotion campaign for MACA, what will the campaign look like, what part does CH play in the campaign, and is there a proposal we can all agree on?

V.      Other Topics that may arise during the meeting

A.                  Changing scholastic events to age based


A lengthy discussion was held.  No action was taken.


B.      Meeting Date


Messenger, Kaprielian  2nd

Move to hold Maca board meetings on 2nd Thursday of each month.

 Passed:  6 – 0 - 0      

C.      Adjournment


Gavelis, Messenger 2nd

To Adjourn.

 Passed:  6 – 0 – 0