Draft 2 – Initial Posting
Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Kennedy Senior Center, Natick, Mass

Minutes Prepared by Mark Kaprielian, Clerk

Scheduled:   7:30 PM

Opened:   7:45 PM

Closed:  PM


Board Members




Guests Present


Harvey Reed




Ken Belt   7:50


Steve Frymer






Bob Messenger






Mark Kaprielian






Stephen Dann






Frank Del Bonis






Larry Eldridge






Tony Gavelis






Gus Gosselin






Robert King






Peter Lee






Tim Oliveri






Maryann Reilly

















   Note:  All vote tallies are shown as   For – Against – Abstention, e.g.  5 – 2 – 1


Table of Contents

I.     Meeting Called to Order.. 3

A.       Introductory Remarks – Harvey Reed. 3

B.       Introduction of Guests – Harvey Reed. 3

C.     Review of Agenda – Harvey Reed. 3

D.    Approval of Minutes – Harvey Reed. 3

E.       Treasurer’s Report – Bob Messenger 3

II.          Reports   3

A.    Archivist – Mark Kaprielian. 3

B.     Budget Coordinator – Bob Messenger 3

C.     Club Coordinator – Robert King. 3

D.    Data Processing Coordinator – Mark Kaprielian. 3

E.     LMCF Coordinator – Gus Gosselin. 3

F.       Investment Coordinator – Gus Gosselin. 3

G.       Membership Coordinator – Gus Gosselin. 3

H.       Parliamentarian – Mark Kaprielian. 3

I.     Prison Chess Coordinator – Steve Frymer 4

J.     Promotion Coordinator – Frank Del Bonis  4

K.       Publications Coordinator – Robert King. 4

L.       Scholastic Coordinator – Tony Gavelis. 4

M.       Tournament Coordinator 4

N.    Volunteer Coordinator – Harvey Reed. 4

O.    Web Master – Mark Kaprielian. 4

III.          Committee Reports.. 4

A.    Budget Committee – Bob Messenger 4

B.       Investment Committee – Gus Gosselin. 4

C.     Bylaws Committee – Mark Kaprielian. 4

IV.      Topics for Discussion and possible Action.. 4

A.    Review Election Process – O’Rielly  4

B.     Collecting Maca Renewals at non-Maca event. 4

C.     Renewal notices  4

D.       Crosstables  5

Adjournment 5

E.       Adjournment 5


I.        Meeting Called to Order

A.      Introductory Remarks – Harvey Reed

Theme for this month is to assure we process the elections properly.   Also, the Senior Center will no longer be available for MACA activities. I did however get a commitment from Diana that we can finish the current term (thru May 2003) for Board meetings and the Mass G/60 tournament.

B.      Introduction of Guests – Harvey Reed

Ken Belt was introduced.

C.      Review of Agenda – Harvey Reed

No items were added to the agenda.

D.      Approval of Minutes – Harvey Reed



Kaprielian, Messenger 2nd

To approve the Draft 3 Minutes of the February 13, 2003 meeting as posted to the web.

Passed:  4-0-2

E.      Treasurer’s Report – Bob Messenger

The Treasurer handed out copies of his monthly report and reviewed the past months activities.  Copies of the information will be posted on the web site.

II.      Reports

A.      Archivist – Mark Kaprielian

The Archivist had nothing to report.

B.      Budget Coordinator – Bob Messenger

The Budget Coordinator had nothing to report

C.      Club Coordinator – Robert King

The Club Coordinator had nothing to report.

D.      Data Processing Coordinator – Mark Kaprielian

The Data Processing Coordinator reported that the database is up to date and labels for CH have been printed and handed off.

E.      LMCF Coordinator – Gus Gosselin

The LMCF Coordinator had nothing to report.

F.      Investment Coordinator – Gus Gosselin

The Investment Coordinator had nothing to report.

G.     Membership Coordinator – Gus Gosselin

The Membership Coordinator reported the following:

·         Total members received ??.

·         ?? in state and ?? out of state.

·         ?? Adults and ?? Juniors

·         ?? New and ?? Renewed

H.      Parliamentarian – Mark Kaprielian

The Archivist had nothing to report.

I.        Prison Chess Coordinator – Steve Frymer

The Prison Chess Coordinator had nothing to report.

J.       Promotion Coordinator – Frank Del Bonis

The Promotion Coordinator had nothing to report.

K.      Publications Coordinator – Robert King

The Publications Coordinator reported that Steve Frymer directed that issues be sent out to members who expired in the last two months.  This amounts to 154 copies.

L.      Scholastic Coordinator – Tony Gavelis

The Scholastic Coordinator had nothing to report.

M.     Tournament Coordinator

The Tournament coordinator reported that we have a contract with the Marlboro Radisson for the Mass Open which will be essentially the same format as last year.  Mass Game 60 is only a week away.

N.      Volunteer Coordinator – Harvey Reed

The Volunteer Coordinator reported that we have Tiffany Wang and Fred Smith performing web duties.  Jim Wu has volunteered his skills for the Database position.  Peter has volunteered to run the scholastics database.  Mark K. spoke to Peter Lee to see if would consider doing the day-to-day work for the database.  Paul Randazzo who has volunteered to help, possibly with site search.  This issue of CH will have an add for soliciting scholastics help. 

O.     Web Master – Mark Kaprielian

The Web Master reports that the final stages of the Future Events database on the web is about to start testing.

III.    Committee Reports

A.      Budget Committee – Bob Messenger

The Budget Committee Chairman had nothing to report.

B.      Investment Committee – Gus Gosselin

The Investment Committee Chairman had nothing to report.

C.      Bylaws Committee – Mark Kaprielian

The Bylaws Committee Chairman had nothing to report

IV.    Topics for Discussion and possible Action


A.      Review Election Process – O’Rielly


Labels will be printed for all members who are valid in March and later.

Labels need to be printed  right away.  One sets of labels for Maryanne one with the special integrity check to be delivered to Steve Frymer on Tuesday night at the MCC.  No return label for the outside will be printed.

The Ballots will be mailed first class.

The members label will have the text “Mass Chess Ballot enclosed” in Bold

Tim Oliveri will print the entire contents of the ballot.


B.      Collecting Maca Renewals at non-Maca event.

Bob Messenger said that it is difficult to collect renewals at non-Maca events that require Maca membership.  He suggested   that we could pay a commission to the organizer to collect our memberships for us.

C.      Renewal notices

It was suggested that we need to find someone to head up the effort to mail renewal notices. 

Ken Belt volunteered to mail out postcards. 

Harvey Reed volunteered to make a post card.  Mark Kaprielian will provide the template for the postcards. 

A sample run before producing all the postcards was suggested.

Postcards will be mailed to people who are in the process of expiring in  the next CH period.  Labels should be printed at the same time as the CH Labels are printed.



Messenger, Reed  2nd

To Budget up to $300 to mail renewal notices to members.

 Passed:  7-0-1          

D.      Cross tables

Ken Belt initiated a discussion about prompting organizers to submit cross tables.  He suggested that we develop a policy that anyone advertising on the Maca site be expected to provide a cross table from the USCF.


E.      Scholastics Championships


Frymer, King  2nd

That the four players who tied for first at the Scholastic 9 through 12 division of the Spiegel cup be declared co-champions.  Steve Frymer is authorized to organize a playoff to determine the Denker representative.

 Passed:  5-1-3          


F.      Adjournment


Messenger, Lee  2nd

To Adjourn.

 Passed:  8 – 0 - 1