Scholastic Coordinator’s Report:

March 9, 2003



Gus Gosselin Grade Championship held March 2, 2003


Tournament went off very well.  A number of our dedicated volunteers and a few chess parents were there to help.  Ken Moraff was a big help with the trophy presentation ceremony.  Also, one of our players, Scott Thomas, busied himself early, and in between rounds to set up an impressive trophy display and sponsor’s banner.


Our thanks go out to the efforts of Tim Oliveri in once again securing the sponsorship of Au Bon Pain, which paid for the beautiful trophies.


Financial Summary:

Entry fees……………………..   $2010.


(paid out at this time) …….…….$1177.

Estimated expenses pending……$  550.


Estimated profit…………………$ 283.



State Championship held March 2, 2003


The tournament started somewhat late considering all the players were invited and the pairings were mostly ready. There was a problem with a few of the players canceling or not showing up.  Alternates were found and tournament progressed.  Steve Frymer was chief TD, with John Bottini assisting with the computer.  John was also co-TD at the GGGC going on in the next building.  The separate location of the two tournaments made for some difficulty in communication.  The torrential rain didn’t help.


A new sponsor, OmegaBrite (Dr. Carol Locke) made possible a huge trophy presentation, worthy of USCF National Scholastic tournaments. Our thanks to our sponsors and the many parents who contributed monies to MACA during the event.  Our volunteers did a great job on the tournament floor.  Thanks Maryanne Reilly and Ken Belt, who helped at both tournaments.   Both of the Gus Gosselin TD’s also came over to the Brown School to help after their tournament was complete.


Financial Summary:  Incompete…

Entry Fees…………….$420.



Pending expenses:

Site rental……………..$500.


Team Tournament:


Rules are final.

Flyers have been mailed to players.

Flyers (additional) are being mailed to coaches.

Site has been confirmed in writing.

School store will be open to sell drinks and snacks.

I’m trying to arrange for a catering truck to be on site.

There is a trophy order at Emblem & Badge for five place team trophies in each of the four sections, with individual trophies for the winning players also.  These trophies, though more substantial than those of the qualifiers are nowhere close to the magnificent hardware presented at the State Championship or GGG Championship.




General comments


On the subject of trophies: We have next year’s State Championship trophies in our possession.  Since the 2003 order was completed and could not be cancelled when our sponsors presented their trophies, we had to take them from Emblem & Badge.  The 2004 Championship trophies are the more conventional three places for each section.  They will have to be relabeled at minimal cost for 2004.  They are suitably upgraded over the usual qualifier trophies and more in line with what was presented prior to the Hoffpauir era.  I hope this will appease the MACA establishment.


Site cost at the Brown School was over estimate largely do to overtime on the tournament and additional cleaning required on tables due to glue used our displays and hall carpet cleaning due to food stains.   Please note that we had an unfavorable report on the post tournament site condition.  The school doesn’t lend itself well to skittles area as class rooms and gym are off limits.  We will not be using it again for a chess tournament.


The situation at the JCK School was normal.  There was no more than the usual post event cleanup.  The basket ball game in the gym also splits the custodial costs for us during the time they were playing.  We are welcome back at JFK, except that we have only a maximum safe player capacity of 100 players without table rentals (170 with table rentals).  Skittles area is insufficient and the auditorium may not always be available.


WE NEED SITE SEARCH for 2003 / 2004 scholastic season.  I strongly recommend raising the entry fees and searching out commercial function halls to accommodate scholastic tournaments.



End of Report.


Tony Gavelis

MACA Scholastic Coordinator