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Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Home of Maryanne Reilly, Newton, Mass

Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann, Acting Clerk  

The Meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m. by President Steven Frymer. Present at the sart were Frymer (no other officers), and directors Collins, S.Dann, King, Lee, Randazzo and Reilly. Director Hanke came at 1:30 and Gosselin at 2:30 (9 officer/directors).

There being no clerk present, Stephen Dann said he would take the minutes for Michelle. There was no treasurer's report, but the annual report (through April 30) was circulated at the annual meeting (5/25) and additional copies were handed out. There was the usual lack of quorum at the annual meeting, so the entire election process approval was deferred to this board meeting, resulting in the following motion:

MOTION 04-001: Moved, that the election commission (Reilly) results be accepted, and the ballots destroyed. Moved by Randazzo and passed without dissent.

The chair noted that Mr. Hanke had accepted the 11th Board position via write-in, and that a 12th and final board position would soon be filled.

  • Mission statement: There was a short discussion that the new board should examine and possibly redefine the MACA mission statement that appears in Chess Horizons and elsewhere. Mr. Randazzo asked that "Why be a MACA member?" be a key question in future membership promotion.
  • New Coordinators: As is the custom under MACA bylaws, coordinators are named starting in June so budget planning can begin for the 2003-04 year that begins 7/1.

MOTION 04-002: Moved that the following four directors be named coordinators as follows: Tournament, Frymer; Budget, Messenger; Scholastic, Gosselin; and Prison, Frymer. Moved by Frymer, and passed without dissent.

MOTION 04-003: Moved, that Stephen Dann become Promotion coordinator. Moved by Dann and passed without dissent.

MOTION 04-004: Moved, that Robert King become club coordinator. Moved by King and passed without dissent.

MOTION 04-005: Moved, that Paul Randazzo be given the title of assistant scholastic coordinator. Moved by Reilly, and passed without dissent.

  • Open Positions: There was a discussion over who should fill the publications coordinator position (liaison to Chess Horizons editor). As directors Hanke and King both had interest and views on this matter, it will be taken up at the net meeting. Other vacant positions to be filled soon include: Parliamentarian, Education, League, Volunteer and Data Processing. The most pressing need is to find a membership coordinator. Several acting coordinators will serve until new ones are found. Interested directors should contact Mr. Frymer so nominations can be added to the July agenda (7/1 deadline for 7/13 meeting.) Mr. Randazzo announced his intention of nominating Ken Churbuck (NH) to fill the 12th at-large board position.

It was noted by the acting clerk that the MACA web site contains the bylaws and a number of program listings, archives, and notices. Organizers outside MACA are utilizing the new services Mr. Kaprielian initiated this past year, including entry taking via charge cards and the tournament flyer template.

There was a short discussion about the forthcoming MACA budget, with the chair and acting clerk noting that coordinators should submit any figures to treasurer/budget coordinator Bob Messenger. As Chess Horizons (4 issues/year) has a carry-over budget that was revised last year, it is only the scholastic program and other coordinators who may widely differ in their projections this coming year.

  • Investments: Gus Gosselin reported that Life Membership and Living Memorial Chess Fund and Hurvitz, the three main investment principals, are this year going up steadily with the improvement in the markets.
  • Tournament: Mr. Frymer reported that the Cavendish Bridge Club of Dedham is the likely site of both the Boylston Chess Club and the October 18-19 Gr. Boston Open. The site being small, the details are projected to be the same as last year at the Natick Senior Center (which is now unavailable). The Hiburnian Club of Newton was projected as a site for the 12/03 Pillsbury Memorial. In answer to questions regarding the use of hotel/motel sites, Mr. Frymer said that high rent/low room-night usage makes such prospects unlikely, except for the great deal MACA receives for the Mass. Open Memorial day weekend in Marlboro.
  • Scholastic: Mr. Gosselin endorsed his assistant Mr. Randazzo and announced that he was now working on the Fall Foliage Festival, 10/12 at Sage School in Foxboro, and the first scholastic singles qualifier, 11/4 at Malden Catholic High. Volunteers are always being sought.
  • July Meeting: Directors favored having a summer outing/board meeting on 7/13 (Sunday) at 1 p.m. if possible. A Newton park was proposed with the Reilly home again being available for the board meeting if there was rain. Also proposed were the Higher Ground Coffee House in downtown Lowell (Randazzo) and meeting during one of Severine Wamala's tournaments in Lowell (Doubletree). Mr. Frymer will inform and give directions with the agenda e-mail. If there is a MACA outing combined with this meeting, it would be a pot-luck lunch of sorts with the directors' family and other members invited. This would also be described to you via e-mail.
  • E-mail list: Directors present gave the acting clerk an undated e-mail list. Officers and directors with multiple (home/work) e-mail addresses should submit their preference to the clerk and/or web coordinator Tiffany Wang.

The meeting adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

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