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Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Higher Ground Coffee House, Lowell, Mass.

Minutes Prepared by Michelle Dann, Clerk  

The meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m. by Treasurer Bob Messenger. Present at the start were Ken Churbuck, Rich Collins, Michelle Dann, Stephen Dann, Bob Messenger, and Paul Randazzo. Ken Belt arrived at 8:00 and Robert King at 8:37. The only guest present was Randi Malcuit. As there was neither the president or vice-president in attendance at the start of the meeting, Messenger took the chair.

Motion 04-028: Moved to accept the minutes of the July 12, 2003 meeting. (Messenger, Randazzo 2nd) Passed 6-0-0.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Bob Messenger passed out a detailed financial report for the month of July. Randazzo inquired as to why there are two checking accounts. Messenger explained that one was for Paypal business, so as not to give them access to the main checking account.

Motion 04-029: Moved to accept the treasurer's report with the board's thanks on a fine job to Messenger. (Randazzo, S. Dann 2nd) Passed 5-0-1.

USCF Business

As Tim Hanke was not present to give a report on the US Open and any national business, Messenger gave a general report. He explained the current goings on in USCF, informing the board of the recent resignation of Frank Niro, and the installation of Beatriz Marinello as USCF president and Tim Hanke as the VP of Finance, as well as their current financial problems.


It was discussed that the GBO TLA will appear in the next Chess Life (pending publishing) as well as Chess Horizons. Churbuck asked about the Cavendish Club, and Messenger explained that the Dedham bridge club was intended as a replacement for the Natick Senior Center, meant for the Pillsbury, GBO, and Mass G/60.

As the Grand Prix subcommittee had not met, they were unable to give a report. S. Dann reiterated his suggestion for making the GP take place over the calendar year in order to provide ample time to promote it. There was a concern that the Cavendish Club will not be large enough to host a sufficient amount of players. Belt addressed this issue, suggesting that a limit might encourage advance entries. He said that the con side was that you can't morally give a limit to entrants who would have scored GP points otherwise. It was decided that whether or not a tournament at the Cavendish Club can be in the GP should be determined by the committee.

Motion 04-030: Moved for the Grand Prix subcommittee to report at the September meeting. (Messenger, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 7-0-0.

Committee Reports

Scholastics- As Gosselin was not in attendance, Belt made the report instead. He talked about the Fall Foliage Festival, saying that the flyer had gone out to the board list via e-mail. He brought up Gosselin's format of grouping by age, expressing a disagreement to minimum age groups. Belt suggested that while grouping by grade is a better idea, it would be more fair to group by maximum age.

Website- Churbuck expressed concern that the MACA site does not show up on Netscape Navigator. Belt offered to send an e-mail to the webmaster to address the browser compatibility issue.

Volunteers- There was no volunteer business so there was no volunteer report.

Promotion- S. Dann brought up the issue of a postcard mailing to those who are USCF members, but not part of MACA. Belt also suggested a mailing to those whose memberships are going to expire soon or have already expired. As the two mailings would not interfere with each other, Belt organized to work with Messenger for the renewal postcard, and to work with S. Dann on the new membership postcards.

Clubs/publications- As most of the club information on the website is out-of-date, Messenger and S. Dann suggested to King, club and publications coordinator, to update this information.

Motion 04-031: Moved to appoint King as Publication Coordinator. (Belt, Randazzo 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.


The status had not changed so there was no discussion on insurance.

IRS Report

The report is due November 15. Messenger assured that it would be filed long in advance.

Old Business

Belt felt that giving Mark Kaprielian, Tony Gavelis and Harvey Reed plaques was a shoddy effort to recognize their efforts. It was discussed that something more useful and meaningful could be purchased instead, such as a chess clock for all three, as they play in many events.

Motion 04-032: Moved to change Motion 04-032 to change $100 to up to $200. (S. Dann, Messenger 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

New Business

Malcuit attended the meeting to apply for the CH Ad Manager position. The position was discussed, and explained that the Ad manager would report to both the editor and the treasurer. It was brought up that Paypal can be used for pre-paid ads. Belt thanked Malcuit for his interest, saying he would be valuable to MACA. Belt asked for a proposal of ideas and terms to be sent to the board before the next meeting so that his appointment could be discussed and decided upon then.

Motion 04-033: Moved to defer discussion of appointing an ad manager to the next meeting. (Belt, Messenger 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

It was decided that before the September meeting, Malcuit will submit a proposal of terms and ideas to the board list.

Motion 04-034: Moved that the next board meeting will be held at 7:15 on Thursday, September 18, 2003, at the Higher Ground Coffeehouse 194 Middle St., Lowell, Mass. (Belt, Messenger 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

Belt suggested that everyone come in to the next meeting with a suggestion of a place in their area suitable for future meetings in an effort to accommodate everyone.

Motion 04-035: Moved that the board donate a chess set with a dollar value of $10 to the coffeehouse to show appreciation for using their facility. (Belt, Messenger 2nd) Passed 7-0-0.

Motion 04-035: Motion to Adjourn at 9:25. (Belt, Messenger 2nd) Passed 7-0-0.

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