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Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Waltham Chess Club, Waltham, Mass.

Minutes Prepared by Michelle Dann, Clerk  

The meeting was called to order at 7:50 by President Steve Frymer. In attendance were Ken Belt, Ken Churbuck, Rich Collins, Michelle Dann, Stephen Dann, Bob Messenger, Paul Randazzo, and Frank Wang. No guests were present.

Motion 04-036: Moved to accept the minutes of the August 21, 2003 meeting. (Frymer, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Bob Messenger passed out the August and September financial reports explaining that the losses of $91 in August and $603 in September will be made up after the Mass Open.

Motion 04-037: Moved to accept the treasurer's reports for August and September. (Randazzo, Collins 2nd) Passed 9-0-0.

Motion 04-038: Moved to appoint Randi Malcuit the job of Ad Manager, responsible for all ads for Chess Horizons, receiving a 15% commision of all ads based on collections and a MACA membership as long as he is Ad Manager. (Churbuck, S. Dann 2nd) Passed 7-1-1.


Michelle Dann reiterated the membership statistics from the unofficial board meeting in October. 1320 people receive Chess Horizons, and there are 1115 members for a total database of 1360 people.

Ken Belt reported that the last membership mailing was successful, and the mailing costs an everage of $34.00.


The board was informed that there were 70 advance entries for the Fall Foliage Festival at the time. Randazzo offered to visit schools when Frymer expressed the need to find sites.


With no outside organizers involved, and the site questionable, it was the recommendation for the Grand Prix committee to cancel the Grand Prix, although no motion was made.

Motion 04-039: Moved to refer the question of holding a Massachusetts Girls State Championship before May 31, 2004 to scholastic committee. (Messenger, S.Dann 2nd) Passed 8-1-0.

The board requested the committee to report at the November board meeting.

Old Business

Belt said that he had purchased the clocks for the appreciation gifts for Mark Kaprielian, Tony Gavelis and Harvey Reed.

New Business

Belt brought up two concerns, that of the need to work on membership, and the e-mail system. He expressed disatisfaction at the method of responding to e-mails, and this was echoed by other board members. He suggested a manner of protocol as to responding to messages. It was agreed on that the first e-mail will be copied to the board to let them know the inquiry has been answered or adressed, and then the rest shall be between the two parties, cutting down on the amount of mail the rest of the board receives.

Motion 04-040: Moved to let Frymer choose the meeting site and date for November, and to let the board know by e-mail. (Belt, M. Dann 2nd) Passed 9-0-0.

Motion 04-041: Moved to adjourn at 9:50. (Messenger, Belt 2nd) Passed 9-0-0.

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