Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Doubletree Hotel, Lowell, Mass
Minutes Prepared by Michelle Dann

The meeting was called to order at 11:07 a.m. by President Steve Frymer. In attendance were Ken Belt, Ken Churbuck, Rich Collins, Michelle Dann, Stephen Dann, Robert King, Bob Messenger, Tim Oliveri, Maryanne Reilly, and Frank Wang. Paul Randazzo arrived late. The only guest present was George Mirijanian.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Bob Messenger passed out the October financial report. He explained its contents and announced that there had been a $218 loss for the month before stepping out to direct the tournament in session.

    Motion 04-042: Moved to accept the treasurer's report for October. (Belt, Reilly 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.


It was announced that CH had won several awards in the 2003 Chess Journalists of America Awards. Congratulations were expressed to Mark Donlan and staff for another great year. There was a complaint in the current system of 4 issues a year, but it was pointed out that this is a budget issue.


Motion 04-043: Moved to approve Steven Hudson as a life member. (Belt, Reilly 2nd) Passed 9-0-0.


The board was informed that the Fall Foliage Festival had a $500 profit. Discussion ensued over the number of qualifier events. Maryanne Reilly voiced opposition against a 4th Qualifier. While extra events held the additional benefit of reaching out to kids in other areas, it was agreed on that it was too late in the tournament cycle to change procedure.

Motion 04-044: Moved to adopt 2002-2003 rules for 2003-2004, including 3 qualifiers. (Churbuck, Belt 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.

It was reported that the State Singles Final will be February 29. There were two possibilities for sites discussed, Nobles and Greenough, and the Fleet Bank HQ.

Motion 04-045: Moved to give Frymer the power to resolve any potential problems or conflicts that may arise with the Western Mass Scholastic Singles. (Churbuck, Reilly 2nd) Passed 11-0-0.


The board was told that the Greater Boston Open at the Cavendish Club in Dedham broke even.

Old Business

Ken Belt asked about the procedure for awarding the appreciation gifts to Mark Kaprielian, Tony Gavelis and Harvey Reed. Steve Frymer suggested a Tuesday night at the Metrowest Chess Club.

New Business

The date of the next meeting was left TBA by Frymer via e-mail.

Motion 04-046: Moved to accept the minutes of the October 10, 2003 meeting. (Randazzo, M. Dann 2nd) Passed 9-0-2.

Motion 04-047: Moved to adjourn at 12:07. (Frymer, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 11-0-0.

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