Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Doubletree Hotel, Lowell, Mass
Minutes Prepared by Michelle Dann

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by President Steve Frymer. In attendance were Ken Churbuck, Rich Collins, Michelle Dann, Stephen Dann, Tim Oliveri, Paul Randazzo, and Maryanne Reilly. Frank Wang arrived late. Bob Messenger was directing the tournament and was in and out of the meeting. The only guest present was George Mirijanian.

Motion 04-048: Moved to accept the minutes of the November 23, 2003 meeting. (Reilly, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.


The board received a Pillsbury Financial Report, stating that the tournament finished with a loss of $187. The next major tournament is the Mass G/60 at the Lowell Boys and Girls Club on March 28. The Mass Open will be at the Royal Plaza in Marlboro, the last weekend in May.

Motion 04-049: Moved to name the 73rd Massachusetts Open in honor of Rufus Franklin. (Frymer, S. Dann 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.


The board was given a report for the Eastern Mass. Scholastic Qualifier which ended with an income of $948. The State Scholastic in Waltham the last weekend in February was brought up. The issue of lunch breaks and rest periods was raised, and discussed thoroughly.

Motion 04-050: Moved to have 15 minutes between rounds 1 and 2, 20 minutes between rounds 2 and 3 for lunch, and 20 between rounds 3 and 4 if the player requests it for the final section of the state singles. (Reilly, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 8-0-1.

New Business

The Board accepted nominations to elect USCF delegates for the 2005 US Open in Arizona.

Motion 04-051: Moved that the delegates are Frymer, Mirijanian, and S. Dann. Alternates are Reilly, Randazzo, and Gosselin. (Frymer, Reilly 2nd) Passed 8-0-1.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Bob Messenger passed out the November-December financial report. He explained its contents and announced that there had been a profit of $1,379 due to ad collection.

Motion 04-052: Moved to accept the treasurer's report for November-December. (Frymer, Reilly 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.


Motion 04-053: Moved to approve Anthony Moosey as a life member. (Frymer, Reilly 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.

Motion 04-054: Moved to adjourn at 1:33. (Frymer, Randazzo 2nd) Passed 7-0-3.

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