Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Radisson Inn, Marlboro, Mass
Minutes Prepared by Michelle Dann

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m. by Vice President Ken Belt. In attendance were Rich Collins, Michelle Dann, Stephen Dann, Robert King, Bob Messenger, Paul Randazzo, Maryanne Reilly and Frank Wang. Ken Churbuck arrived at 2:56, Steve Frymer at 3:51, and Gus Gosselin at 4:30. The only guest present was George Mirijanian.

Motion 04-055: Moved to accept the minutes of the January 25, 2004 meeting with a correction in the order of motions. (Belt, M. Dann 2nd) Passed 7-0-1.

Treasurer's Report  

Treasurer Bob Messenger passed out the January-February financial report. He explained the income statement, informing the board that there had been a $4,705 profit due to successful tournament revenue with decreased spending.

Motion 04-056: Moved to accept the treasurer's report for January-February . (Randazzo, Reilly 2nd) Passed 7-0-1.


Robert King reported that he had verified the MACA list of contact information for clubs, and that everything was up to date except for Plymouth, which is inactive.


The board addressed the issue of the error on the State Singles flyer that led to a tournament delay. It was suggested that if an hour is scheduled between registration ending and the start of Round 1, it might encourage advance entries. Ken Belt noted that Messenger ran the tournament smoothly and as quickly as possible under the circumstances.

Maryanne Reilly said she was sending a letter of thanks to Fleet Bank for being an excellent host site. She suggested that there be a cellphone at tournaments with a voicemail number on flyers to be used for notification of entry/delay/cancellations. It was also suggested that there should be a higher distinction of prizes for the State Singles Championship, such as larger trophies, hats, buttons or pins.

Motion 04-057: Moved to form a scholastic committee headed by Maryanne Reilly and including Ken Belt, Steve Dann, Steve Frymer, Gus Gosselin, Robert King, Tim Oliveri, Paul Randazzo, and Frank Wang, in order to move forward in planning for next year. (Belt, Churbuck 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.

Motion 04-058: Moved to give the new scholastic committee the authority to make all decisions necessary in order to plan for future scholastic activities. (Belt, Randazzo 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.

Motion 04-059: Moved to defer further discussion of scholastics to the new committee to report back to the board at the next meeting. (Belt, S. Dann 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.


Bob Messenger reported that the current database is at 1074 members. Receiving Chess Horizons are 1280 subscribers.

Motion 04-060: Moved to approve Joshua Lee and Edmund Staples as life members. (Messenger, Belt 2nd) Passed 10-0-0.

Elections Commission

Motion 04-061: Moved that Ken Churbuck will be the Elections Commissioner and will put together the election slate by March 31, with candidate statements due April 7, providing that candidates are paid members through June 2005. (Belt, M. Dann 2nd) Passed 11-0-0.

New Business

Motion 04-062: Moved that Bob Messenger will give copies of the MACA by-laws to all board members who request them, and that all discussion on bylaws be tabled until the next meeting. (Belt, S. Dann 2nd) Passed 6-0-0.

Motion 04-063: Moved that the state singles finals will be run on an age basis, age and birthdate cutoffs to be recommended to the executive board by the coordinator/committee. (Frymer, Randazzo 2nd) Passed 4-0-3.

Old Business

Motion 04-064: Moved to extend an invitation to Roza Eynullayeva to be the Massachusetts representative at the Girls Invitational Tournament (Polgar) concurrent with the US Open; and, if she declines, Maryanne Reilly is authorized to determine the process for choosing a representative. MACA will contribute a $500 subsidy for transportation to the Polgar and Denker tournaments. (Messenger, S. Dann 2nd) Passed 7-0-1.


The Mass G/60 will be March 28th at the Lowell Boys and Girls Club, and the Mass Open will be May 30 at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlboro.

Motion 04-065: Moved to adjourn at 4:41. (Messenger, Reilly 2nd) Passed 6-0-0.

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