Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Royal Plaza Hotel, Marlboro, Mass
Minutes Prepared by Michelle Dann, Outgoing Clerk

Vice-President Ken Belt unofficially called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m., as there was no quorum present. In attendance were Treasurer, Bob Messenger; Clerk, Michelle Dann; and Board Members, Ken Churbuck, Rich Collins, Stephen Dann, Gus Gosselin, Robert King, Paul Randazzo, and Maryanne Reilly.

Also in attendance were: Gatumba Abu, James Beauregard, Edwin Burnett, Rick Corls, Mike Griffin, Michael Holt, Ed Lafferty, Tom Provost, Steven Glen Sarvis, and John Stuebing.

Re-cap of 2003-2004

Treasurerís Report

Bob Messenger passed out a summary sheet for July 2003 - April 2004. He reported that this had been a successful year with a net income of $4,277. He explained that healthy profits had been made from scholastic tournaments, donations and cost reductions of Chess Horizons.

The report was unanimously passed.

Scholastic Report

Gus Gosselin spoke briefly on the LMCF and its purpose and uses, and about where the money is invested. He explained how chess sets were bought for many schools, and reported that this had been a good year with high attendance for scholastic chess.


Robert King explained to al present that there had been cuts in Chess Horizons, but no more will be made so that the quality of the magazine will not be lost and CH will be able to retain its current subscribers.


Stephen Dann stressed the importance of volunteers and urged all present to get involved. He reported that MACA will be doing renewal mailings to recently expired members and will be working to maintain and expand its membership.

Election Commission

Ken Churbuck, with the assistance of Paul Randazzo and the election committee, announced that 1,028 ballots had been mailed out with a 15.67% return rate.

President, with 107 votes, is Ken Belt.

Vice-President, with 132 votes, is George Mirijanian.

Treasurer, with 143 votes, is Bob Messenger.

Clerk, with 122 votes, is Stephen Dann.

For the Board of Directors, with 137 votes was Maryanne Reilly; with 130 were Steve Frymer and Gus Gosselin; with 125 was Paul Randazzo; with 118 was Ken Churbuck; with 107 was Robert King; with 103 was Rich Collins; with 4 were Tim Oliveri and Severine Wamala; with 3 were Kent Leung, Donna Alarie, and Mark Kaprielian; with 2 were Harvey Reed, Doug Wiggins Jr., Larry Eldridge, Bill McClellan, Tim Hanke, Peter Lee, and John Curdo; and with 1 vote were Jennifer Segona, Bruce Dennis, Rolf Wetzel, Peter Sherwood, Max Enkin, Walt Champion, William Kelleher, Paul MacIntyre, Bernardo Iglesias, Eric Godin, Mike Margetts, John Martin, Matt Gosselin, J. Kyrcka, Steve Stefanik, Michael Perelshteyn, Joe Sparks, William McClennan, Walt Duncan, and John Dould.

There was a motion to salute the scholastic coordinator, committee members, volunteers, parents, donors, and everyone who made the program such a great success. Approved by acclamation.

Incoming President Ken Belt opened the floor to questions and concerns. With no major inquiries or problems, he thanked all for attending and adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.

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