Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann, Clerk

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Ken Belt. Present were officers Belt, Mirijanian, Messenger and Dann. Directors present were Collins, Frymer, Gosselin, King, and Wiggins. Board members were alerted that there was a new e-mail address for Chess Horizons. The president is assembling a complete list of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses for officers and board members, the start of which appears at the end of this document.

The first item on the agenda was the confirmation of the election results.

MOTION 05-001:

Moved, to certify the election commission report by Ken Churbuck and Paul Randazzo, destroy the ballots, and thank the committee and tellers. Moved by Mirijanian and passed without dissent.

The chairman, president Belt, then suspended the rules to fill the vacant board positions.

MOTION 05-002:

Moved, to fill vacant director positions with the following write-in candidates who will most likely be willing to serve: Doug Wiggins, Jr.; William Gennert, Timothy Hanke, Valery Frenklakh, with the president guarantying payment of their membership dues. Moved by Belt, and passed without dissent.

Doug Wiggins was the only person in the group present, and paid $11 to become a board member. There is one vacant director slot.

MOTION 05-003:

Moved, to accept the April 27 minutes. Moved by Belt, and passed without dissent. The annual meeting minutes were also available, though there was no quorum, and be on the MACA web site.

Officer and committee reports…

The Election Commission reported that there were 1,035 ballots mailed out, 1,028 to members and 7 blanks were returned to us. There were 158 ballots submitted. With the Mass. Open flyer, there was a total cost of $1,151.74, for a total cost of $10 per returned ballot or $1.11 per ballot sent out. Costs were adjusted for the cost of Mass. Open publicity, with the first-class mailing for the ballots being $652.75. It was noted that we did not have the time to do a bulk-rate mailing this year, and that changing the election to every other year (bylaws amendment) would greatly reduce costs.

The Vice President reported that it was his goal to rebuild the membership, especially adults, with a number of efforts in the coming year.

The Clerk/Secretary reported that not only should the minutes be available via e-mail and on the web site, but a copy of all MACA documents should be sent to officers and directors via the US mail.

The treasurer presented and April-May report. There was an $2,422 gain, $1,863 from the MA Open. There will be a transfer of bank signatories, with Belt to replace former president Reed. Immediate past president Frymer declined to be able to sign checks. The treasurer also reported that he now has the corporate seal and will check into the status of the annual reports to both the state and IRS. To the best of his knowledge, the IRS filing was up to date, but the state filing may be a year behind, along with the filing fee. Directors not present at board meetings should request the full report from the treasurer, as it does not appear on the web site. The full report was accepted without dissent.

Coordinator reports and appointments for 2004-05...


: Dann accepted nomination and was approved.


: Messenger accepted nomination and said he would continue to give figures as part of his treasurer’s report. A large number of directors asked to be on a budget committee. This should be clarified at an upcoming board meeting.


: Both King and Belt spoke on becoming coordinator. It was left open until the next board meeting.


: Duties are missing from bylaws. No candidates for coordinator at meeting.

Data Processing

: Messenger said he would continue this job using Microsoft Access.


: Reilly, not present, was offered the position. There were questions whether there could be an education committee.

Fund raising:

Gosselin was appointed. It was noted that Eric Cushing would be a great potential volunteer in this area.


: No coordinator. Dann would check with Bernardo Iglesias of the Boylston Chess Club, who was last active with the Boston Met League.

Master Chess

: No coordinator.


: Messenger accepted appointment as coordinator and urged that an assistant be found.


: Churbuck accepted appointment.

Prison Chess:

Frymer accepted appointment


: Dann accepted appointment


: King and Mirijanian both spoke on becoming coordinator; with the decision to be made at the next meeting.


: Gosselin accepted appointment to coordinator. Reilly will chair a scholastic committee.


: Frymer accepted appointment to coordinator. He announced that the Gr. Boston Open would be at UMass., as detailed in April-June CH on page 47.


: Randazzo was approved as coordinator.

Master calendar:

Belt indicated that he would be creating a master calendar of tournament, meeting and corporate deadlines that would have holidays and scholastic info so that monthly agendas would be easier to do and we would not violate the bylaws or lose money having to do last-minute first-class mailings.

E-mail protocol: Belt to define ways to handle or filter inquiries to MACA. It was stated that MACA’s public relations could definitely be improved.

Investment Manager

: Gosselin volunteered to continue to function as de-facto MACA investment manager. This is not a bylaws-listed position. There is an investment committee, and anyone interested in serving on this should contact Gosselin directly.


: Belt volunteered to chair the committee, which is now open for additional members.

Scholastic Committee

: Reilly sees her role as a logistic one, finding sites and getting acceptance of the new format of age versus grade breaks for the state title events.


: A possible 2004-5 Grand Prix promotion was postponed until next year. It was recommended that this be taken up in April, as mid-year is too late to plan and promote such a project.

Fee Scale for Scholastic directors:

It was recommended that a fee sale or chief and assistant directors be reviewed/set very soon so that quality personnel would be available to serve, and, especially expenses of TD’s could be projected in advance and approved in advance. This must be coordinated with overall budget and volunteer staffing, and, there seems to be disagreement on how this may best be done.

50th anniversary of MACA’s incorporation & honor to Harold Dondis

: Mirijanian and Dann were appointed to look into ways to honor and publicize the 50th anniversary (1954) of our incorporation, and, the 40th anniversary of Harold Dondis’ writing of the Boston Globe column, as well as the first appearance of the column in 1954 (Burgess & Lyman), and the 1964 US Open in Boston. It was agreed that it was time to honor Mr. Dondis at an outside function, and it was agreed to make proposals for such a function at an upcoming board meeting.


: Frymer announced that he could no longer store MACA publications at his home without a monthly fee. There were several proposals made to move these items to either the New England historical archives (Dann) in Worcester or rent space (Messenger) elsewhere. It was again stated that MACA has a large amount of paper & envelopes in the archives, as well as the historical materials that are in boxes and file cabinets , for which Dann pays monthly rent.

July meeting:

The board will meet July 24 at 2 p.m. at Emerson Park, Everett St., Concord, hosted by President Belt.

The meeting adjourned about 10:30 p.m.

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