Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Emerson Playground, Concord, MA
Minutes Prepared by Rich Collins

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Belt at 3:10 pm. In attendance were Ken Churbuck, Rich Collins, Steve Frymer, Bill Gennert, Bob Messenger, George Mirijanian and Paul Randazzo.

The minutes of the June meeting were not available.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob Messenger presented the June 2004 report. General Fund income for June was ($467.98). General Fund income for the fiscal year ended June 2004 was $7,430.82. Total assets as of June 30 were $71,056.60. Investment strategy was discussed. Bob Messenger will request information about ads not yet paid for. Bob messenger will provide additional detail for the Chess horizons expenses.

Motion 05-004: Moved to accept the treasurer’s report for June. (Gennert, Randazzo 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

Annual Filing for Tax-exempt Status

Bob Messenger reported that the 2003 filing with the Massachusetts Secretary of State is in process. 


Steve Frymer reported that the deadline for submitting an ad to Chess Life for the Greater Boston Open is August 10. For the Pillsbury (Dec 11-12) the site has not been finalized.

Prison Chess

Steve Frymer reported that 3 players visited MCI Norfork on July 10.


Following a discussion of ideas to increase membership, the following were appointed to a committee to study the issue: Dann, Mirijanian, Randazo and Belt.


Motion 05-005 Moved to appoint George Mirijanian  Publications Coordinator (Churbuck, Frymer 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

Clubs – deferred

Motion 05-006 Moved to appoint Valery Frenklakh Master Chess coordinator (Belt, Frymer 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

Chess Horizons

George Mirijanian reported on plans for the upcoming 35th anniversary issue of Chess Horizons (Oct – Dec 2004). It is also the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of MACA (originally the Massachusetts State Chess Association). This issue will be expanded to 64 pages.

Motion 05-007 Moved to compensate Mark Dolan $600 for this issue. (Mirijanian & Churbuck, Belt 2nd)  Passed 8-0-0.

New Business

Motion 05-008 Moved to limit any tournament director fees for MACA tournaments to $75 per director per day unless otherwise specified by the board of directors. (Messenger, Belt 2nd) Passed 8-0-0.

Bill Gennert was officially welcomed to the board.

George Mirijanian reported that he will be at the Continental Open next weekend to assist in processing MACA memberships.

The next meeting will be Saturday August 21 at the Emerson Playground in Concord MA.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:13 pm.

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