Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Radisson Hotel, Marlboro, MA
Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. at the Marlboro Radisson Hotel by President Ken Belt.  Present were officers Mirijanian, Messenger and Dann, and directors Collins,  Churbuck, Frymer, Gennert, Randazzo, and Reilly.   July minutes were approved with minor corrections, with Clerk Dann and director Reilly out of the room.   July 24 was the last board meeting, as an August date was not possible and the Sept. 8 meeting in Fitchburg failed to get a quorum, with just four officers and one director present (quorum is 6).  

President Belt reported that negative e-mails and general lack of communication was not the way to go, and while he knew board members had jobs and other chess duties, coming to board meetings should be a high priority.

There was a report by Treasurer Messenger for the first three months of the fiscal year, July to September, with the normal loss for this period of $1,400+ as we have no major events to produce income, and this year we donated $1,000 for travel expenses of two juniors to Florida events.   The five-page report with balance sheet is available from the treasurer.

Discussion continued with the 2004-5 budget with various proposals for a dues increase and enforcement of the MACA dues requirement at events.  Straw votes were taken to arrive at a proposal to be voted upon at the next meeting to take effect 2/1/05, and be confirmed or denied by the membership on the annual ballot.

The four points decided upon during this defacto committee of the whole were 1) We should enforce membership requirements at all events where dues were required, 2) We should make sure we have the volunteers to collect dues at such events, 3) We should have positive promotion of the Association at all events, with a MACA table if possible just to handle memberships and other questions, and 4) We should ensure coverage of scholastic programs in Chess Horizons.   It was the sense of the board that a dues increase include five issues of CH with the above conditions.  The straw vote for the 2/1 increase was 6-2-2 in favor, so the following motion was announced to meet the advance notice requirement of the bylaws for the next (11/6) meeting:

Advance motion:    MACA will increase adult dues on 2/1/05 from $12 to $15, junior from $6 to 10, family from $4 to 5 and other classes by a proportional amount.  The scholastic committee will examine increasing coverage in Chess Horizons.   This passed by a straw vote of 6-2.


Co-chairmen of the Dondis and MACA 50th anniversary dinner committee, Stephen Dann and George Mirijanian, reported on the arrangements and sought board approval for the details and budget.   There was a defacto committee of the whole discussing and voting on this effort.

Dann reported that he had secured the Boston Globe’s third floor function room for the benefit dinner on November 12 from 6 to 9 p.m.   He recommended that we accept the Globe chef’s offer of a buffet chicken marsella dinner costing about $25 per person without a cocktail hour due to the lack of a cash bar or the availability of spirits other than beer & wine.   He continued that it should be a fund raising event for chess causes with tickets costing at least $50 with MACA membership and spouse discounts.  Deadline to buy tickets for the dinner would be 11/5, and anyone could come at 8 p.m. after the dinner to hear the presentations for a donation of $25 in advance or at the door.

The following votes were taken as to firm details:   1) a proposal for tickets to be $60-40, and $54-36 for MACA members was amended to $60 each, two for $100 and  $50 and $90 for MACA members passed 8-0-1.  2)  Up to $700 in expenses were approved to cover comp. dinners for guests of honor, a gift for Dondis and mailings for publicity. This passed without dissent.   3) It was agreed to set up a PayPal account to accept dinner reservations and President Belt would bring a check to the dinner to pay the bill, VP Mirijanian would pick up the Dondis’s at their home, and also accept checks by mail as well as answer questions.  Dann agreed to have a flyer with full details ready for the next weekend (Gr. Boston Open).   It would also highlight the 50th anniversary of MACA’s incorporation in 1954 and the 35th anniversary of the founding of Chess Horizons in  1969.   There was no formal vote, but no dissent to all these details.   The 11/6 board meeting was proposed to go over final details and manpower issues. Due to the late hour, only one other item of business was put before the board, to allow a second Western MA scholastic qualifying tournament this season.  It was agreed to allow such an event if the scholastic committee approves.

President Belt proposed that the next meeting be on 11/6/04 at 3 p.m. at Boston University, during the tournament there. The top agenda items are to be the dues increase and the Dondis/50th anniversary dinner.   This passed without dissent.   The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Dann

MACA Clerk

Addenda:   Dondis flyer by Dann correcting Belt informal flyer.  Please note the funds (including the USCF Trust) for additional donations that have already gained us additional donations in Harold’s name, ensuring the success of this event.   Also, Dann & Mirijanian are still open to  ideas for the gift to Dondis from MACA.

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