Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Boston University, Boston, MA
Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann

The meeting was called to order at 3:20 p.m. by President Belt at Boston University.  Present were officers Mirijanian, Messenger and Dann, and directors Collins, Frenklakh, and Gennert.    Minutes of the 10/10 meeting in Marlboro were approved with a minor correction, the site of the 9/8 meeting that had no quorum was in Leominster, not Fitchburg.

Treasurer Messenger (who was not directing the concurrent B.U. Open)  reported that membership was up over last year.  A $250 donation to the LMCFund by Marc Rotenberg increased that fund to more than $17,400.   We now have a fund balance of more than $70,000 and $73,750 in assets.   The advertising debt of $372.50 by Severine Wamala will be arbitrated by President Belt via e-mail.  The suggestion was to settle for a smaller amount if he was to require MACA memberships at his future events.   Messenger said he would report on $320.68 in bad checks owed to MACA, when he had time to update this information.

Tournament coordinator Frymer was not present, but it was reported that the Gr. Boston Open at U.Mass. in Dorchester lost about $60, due to overtime.   Messenger reported that the site of the Mass. Open (Memorial Day weekend) will be settled by the Pillsbury Memorial, Dec. 11-12,  again at U.Mass.

Scholastic Committee meeting scheduled before the board meeting did not materialize, and without directors Gosselin and Reilly, no decisions could be made.  It was reported that the Fall Foliage Festival in Foxboro had a $1,235 profit.   There was little interest in a short report by Dann about the AmericInn scholastic tournament on Dec. 5 in Griswold, CT.

Final arrangements were discussed for the Nov. 12 benefit testimonial dinner for Harold Dondis.   There were volunteers to come at 5 p.m. to prepare for the 6 p.m. start.   It was reported that there were 22 attendees as of this date, with a final number of dinners to be called the next day to the Globe chef.

President Belt then gave his report, saying that the board was not working together, citing the recent dues raise discussions, and the scholastic tournament rules that resulted in threats by board members rather than a spirit of compromise. The meeting was adjourned by President Belt about 5 p.m. The next board meeting was tentatively scheduled for 3:30 p.m. December 5, at the Northeast Chess Getaway, at the Marlboro Radisson, pending the approval of Severine Wamala.

There were no formal motions made during the entire meeting.   

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Dann

Addenda:    The Dondis Dinner on Nov. 12 at the Boston Globe was attended by 27 and a full report will be made at the next MACA board meeting, Dec. 5 at 3:30 p.m. at the Marlboro Radisson Hotel, concurrent with the Wamala tournament.    It was deemed that the Pillsbury tournament would be a more difficult date & site to get a quorum.

WANTED!!!    MACA now needs volunteers more than ever,. especially to help out at both scholastic and adult events.   Also an immediate need is for Election Commission personnel, who can be anyone who is not running for a contested officer position. 

More clerkview:    The Nov. 12 dinner was a giant goodwill gesture for MACA and should be an annual affair with merit awards given to a large number of  present and past volunteers, as well as continuing as a fund raising benefit honoring a major figure.  There were a number of donated dinners this year, which we didnít anticipate, which is yet another way to raise funds.   We mention all this because a year to plan next yearís fete will surely produce a much larger and better-yet run affair.    With tournament attendance declining, we need to do creative fund raising that is efficient and, at the same time honors our present and past volunteers and donors.    Also, an annual award banquet links long-term service that may be fragmented by MACAís too frequent annual elections.   We need your views on this whether you have attended board meetings regularly or not.

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