Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Radisson Hotel, Marlboro, MA
Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann

The meeting was called to order at 3:20 p.m. by President Belt concurrent with the Wamala tournament.   Present were officers Messenger and Dann, and directors Collins, Churbuck, Gosselin, King, and Reilly.   It was made known that officer Mirijanian was ill and tournament coordinator Frymer had to leave before the meeting began.   Minutes of the 11/6 meeting in Boston were amended with the president to inform the webmaster of several deletions.   This was approved without dissent, with the clerk and director King recording abstentions. 

President Belt stated that he reads all e-mails that are circulated and believes that the current pattern of setting a loose agenda a week before each scheduled meeting is his best approach and will continue this practice.   Director King protested that there was not a 10-day notice to directors before the meeting, and, in short, no bylaws amendments could be voted upon.   The chair stated that while bylaws (dues) amendments may be discussed, but no vote would be taken at this meeting.   King withdrew his protest, saying he would soon have to leave the meeting, but was unopposed to a discussion without a vote. 

President Belt commended the November 12 Dondis Testimonial Dinner as an awesome job, an initial effort at starting an annual fund raiser for MACA, which produced a net profit, or donations of more than $200 to various chess funds.  

The Point of Light Award to director Gosselin at the state house on December 20 was then discussed, with President Belt stating that he would be present when Governor Romney made the presentation to Gus and his family.  

The $600 settlement/credit for the Oct-Dec Chess Horizons issue by Flagship Press was finalized and should cover at least the additional costs for this special expanded issue. President Belt commended a number of directors and the CH editor Mark Donlan for their efforts to investigate the error that hundreds of copies had missing/duplicate pages, and to get new copies to as many of these members as was possible.  

Election Commission: Ken Churbuck was named to head the 2005-6 Election Commission with Paul Randazzo and a third person to be named later to round out the committee.  

Sites of board meetings: There was discussion of optimum sites for future meetings, and to achieve a quorum (6) it was deemed that alternating meetings in the western suburban area between Marlboro and Natick, weekend and weeknights, would be workable if we could negotiate to meet at Natick again.    

CHESS HORIZONS ADVERTISING: There was a short discussion of again giving a discount for advertising tournaments that MACA dues were charged.  The advertising account of Severine Wamala was brought up for resolution.   There were three points agreed upon prior to a formal motion:  1)  Wamala would be charging MACA dues at the 1/21-23/05 event in Marlboro, 2) the board could/should credit him for allowing the board to meet a number of times the past two years during his events, 3) that he was not going to offer a settlement or advertise in the next issue of CH.   In light of this the following motion was formulated:   MACA forgives the CH advertising debt of Severine Wamala.  This passed without dissent.   A second motion was formulated to set a discount of 10 to 15% for events charging dues, but, President Belt asked that he be able to negotiate this a bit with not only advertisers, but the CH staff and the publications coordinator Mirijanian, and this was left open for future final action.  

The Brockton area museum display of 22 antique chess sets from mid-February to April presents a great opportunity for MACA to gain public exposure and there will be full coverage on the MACA web site.  Volunteer opportunities should be noted. 

Treasurer Messenger reported that the $600 CH printer credit and other factors continue to put MACA ahead overall over last year at this time.   He presented a listing of funds owed to MACA mainly due to entry fees not paid or via returned checks.  President Belt directed that the list would be split up and individuals called via telephone. 

SCHOLASTIC EVENTS:    There was a discussion of unresolved issues, mostly involving rules.  In short, it was too late to make any major changes for the season at hand.    Coming events/sites are projected as follows:   February 13:  State singles finals and Gosselin Grade Championships were lacking a low-rent site.   April 2 or 3 were the most likely dates in Newton for the state team finals.   Director Reilly is again the site locator, and committee chairperson.   Can a singles qualifier winner play in a second event?   After discussion, this was referred to the scholastic committee. 

BUDGET, DUES DISCUSSION:    Various views of how dues affect the budget and the number of CH issues were voiced, but as agreed at the start of the meeting, no motions or bylaws amendments were made. 

Next meeting:    A proposal was made for Jan. 22 (Sat.) at noon, with the president saying he would poll the entire board again after checking his own schedule.   The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Dann

Addenda: President Belt the day after the meeting suggested l/21 (Friday evening) in Marlboro and asked the board for input.   Have YOU responded?      Remember, we have to put together an agenda by 1/11.  Also, remember that there is a 2/15/05 deadline for nominations to the board and for officers that this year we have agreed to not ignore the bylaws stipulations.   See the bylaws on the website or contact Elections Commissioner Churbuck.

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