Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Radisson Hotel, Marlboro, MA
Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Vice President Mirijanian.  Present were officers Belt (who arrived five minutes later), Messenger and Dann, and directors Churbuck, Collins, Frymer, Gennert and King (who arrived 25 minutes later).   The 12/5 meeting minutes were approved without dissent.  President Belt arrived and there was a motion to "reopen" the 12/5 minutes, which passed, 5-1-1, with Churbuck objecting and Dann abstaining.  Belt clarified his view on the agenda, amending the 12/5 minutes to read that a loose agenda is the "only" option he has, versus the "best" approach, given the little input from the board.  The amended minutes were then accepted by the board.

The treasurer's report was deferred, as Mr. Messenger was directing the concurrent Wamala tournament.   Mr. Messenger later gave out not only the 12/04 treasurer's report, but hard copies of the 7/04-6/05 budget proposal and income projections, and, copies of the financial report for the 11/12/04 Dondis Testimonial Dinner and the December Pillsbury Memorial tournament.   As treasurer's reports are only summarized in these minutes this fiscal year, copies of any of these reports should be requested from the treasurer.  

Tournament coordinator Frymer reported that the 2005 Mass. Open will be back at the Radisson Hotel in Marlboro, May 28-30, with details and budget similar to the 2003 event.   The 2004 event was at the Royal Plaza Hotel down the street, which charged a flat rental rate for the three days.  The 2005 event will have little or no rent if the 50 room nights of lodging are picked up.   Frymer reported that there is no firm site for the Mass. Game/60 event, projected for 4/10, or any time after that date.  It wasn't discussed, but the December Pillsbury Memorial, based on the financial report by Mr. Messenger, lost more than $600, with more than $1,500 in prizes versus $1,175 in entry fees recorded for the event at UMass. in Dorchester.

A prison chess report by Frymer highlighted a February 12 projected visit to the Bay State Correctional Center in Norfolk, with a small group of players to compete against inmates.  It was confirmed that the USCF has disbanded their prison chess committee.

A scholastic chess report by Reilly highlighted the 4/3/05 Hurvitz Team competition at Newton South High with a site rental cost of about $1,500.   Discussions have begun with the Bank of America (successor to Fleet) to host the 2006 scholastic team event.   The ceremony to honor Gus Gosselin at the State House with the Point of Light award has again been rescheduled for Jan. 26.

Publications were briefly discussed.  A few directors had received Chess Horizons the day before the meeting, and one copy was available to view.  There was no notice of the election process, deadline for nominations of 2/15, or the annual meeting, or reference to where such information could be found in the bylaws on the website.  (Action was taken later in the meeting to rectify this omission and encourage nominations)  It should be noted that the deadline for the next CH issue is 3/1/05.

Election Commission report by Churbuck confirmed that a 2/15 deadline for nominations would be followed, with members as of 2/28/05 receiving ballots (3/15/05 and later expir.)   The size of the board in the bylaws of questioned.   King disputed the 4 officers and 12 directors, saying the bylaws had been changed several years ago during his term as president to 4 officers and 14 directors as a fixed total.  This can be found in the minutes of 11/27/00, he said.   The procedure for 2005-06 was then discussed.  Churbuck will need two assistants to count ballots.   President Belt asked how candidates would be solicited to run for office in light that there was no official or other notice in the Jan-Mar issue of Chess Horizons.   Other than asking individuals on the current board, and, players at the concurrent tournament (Churbuck & Frymer), and using e-mail addresses on file (King), there was no way to officially inform the membership other than doing a postcard mailing, suggested by Dann.  The following motion was drafted:

Moved, that a first class postcard mailing to the entire voting membership be sent out as soon as possible, soliciting election candidates by 2/15 and mentioning the web site, fund raising, the need for volunteers and other activities.  Moved by Belt, seconded and drafted by Dann.   It was added/amended to place the annual meeting on 5/29/05 at 3 p.m., with nominations to be sent to Churbuck at 142 Main St., #2, Nashua, NH 03060 with e-mail to  This passed without dissent or abstentions.

The bylaw amendment to raise dues to $15 adult, $10 under age 18 etc. was introduced by  President Belt with effective date of 7/1/05.  Dann had to leave the meeting and Collins took over taking the minutes.  A vote on this bylaw amendment (needing a two-thirds vote) failed with three directors opposed.   The meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m.  The next board meeting was not scheduled.

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