Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Natick Senior Center, Natick, MA
Minutes Prepared by Bob Messenger
The meeting was called to order by President Ken Belt at 7:13 p.m. In attendance were George Mirijanian, Bob Messenger, Bill Gennert, Steve Frymer, Robby King, and Maryanne Reilly.

Approval of the January minutes was deferred to the next meeting. Ken Belt said that he would ask Clerk Steve Dann to email a corrected version of the minutes to the board.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Messenger presented the January-February 2005 report. General Fund income for the two month period was $2000.13. General Fund income for the fiscal year beginning in July 2004 was $1,425.93, compared to $5,135.30 for the same eight month period beginning in July 2003. Total assets as of February 28th were $73,879.67, with a net balance of $17,619.36 in the General Fund. The board discussed the fact that $16,853.36 was in a savings account earning a low rate of interest.

Motion 05-024: Move to authorize the treasurer to reinvest up to $10,000 from the General Fund in either certificates of deposit or a money market fund (Frymer/Mirijanian). Passed without dissent.

Bob Messenger said that he would talk to Tiffany Wang about whether MACA should pay $125 to the Sage School for rent for the 2004 Fall Foliage Festival.

There was an extended discussion of people who owe money to MACA. Bob Messenger said that he would bring an updated list of people who owe money to MACA to the next board meeting. Further discussion of bad debts was deferred to the next board meeting.

Membership Secretary's Report

Motion 05-025: Move to approve Robert Harvey as a MACA life member. (Belt/Gennert). Passed without dissent.

Motion 05-026: Move to approve Matthew Myers as a MACA life member. (Churbuck/Belt). Passed without dissent.

Scholastic Report

Maryanne Reilly reported on the Hurvitz Cup team championship which was held the following weekend. Bob Messenger presented financial reports for Qualifier #4, which made a profit of $1,242.40, and the Barry Spiegel Cup individual championship and Gus Gosselin Grade Championship, which made a profit of $1,032.53.

Further discussion of scholastics was deferred until later in the meeting.

Election Report

Election Chairman Ken Churbuck presented his proposed ballot and the list of candidates who had submitted nominations.

The board discussed the instructions which would be printed on the ballot, and agreed on the following wording for voting deadlines: "Ballots must be received via mail Friday May 27, 2005 or delivered in person at the Massachusetts Open. Voting will officially close at noon on Saturday, May 28, 2005."

Motion 05-027: Move to accept valid ballots that are mailed in envelopes other than the official one. (Belt/Frymer). Passed.

Motion 05-028: Move to accept the ballot as amended. (Messenger/Belt). Passed without dissent.

Bob Messenger said that he would contact ASI (Alternative Supports, Inc.) to see whether they could handle the election mailing.

The following candidates were nominated:

President: George Mirijanian
Vice President: Steve Frymer
Treasurer: Bob Messenger
Clerk: Robert King
Director: Gus Gosselin, George Mirijanian, Maryanne Reilly, Kenneth Belt, Steve Frymer, Robert King, Joe Sparks, and Kenneth E. Churbuck.

Since Mirijanian, Frymer and King are running unopposed for officer positions they withdrew their names as candidates for director.

Web Site

George Mirijanian commended Tiffany Wang on her work in updating the MACA web site. However, he suggested that the membership database on the web site should be updated at least once a month. Bob Messenger said that he would discuss the frequency of updates with Tiffany.

Scholastic Report (resumed)

Motion 05-029: Move that invitations to the state scholastic championship tournaments be issued to the top six players in each section on the basis of the December rating list. Invitations must be accepted or declined by December 31st. Winners of the qualifying tournaments will also be invited to participate. If any invited player declines an invitation or if a player who wins a qualifyier also qualifies on the basis of rating an invitation will be extended to the next player on the December rating list. Players who have already qualified or been invited cannot play in the qualifying sections of qualifying tournaments. A separate section may be designed for those already invited/qualified. (Reilly/Messenger).

Bill Gennert offered an amendment, which was accepted as friendly: The scholastic committee is authorized to modify these rules if required by the circumstances. The main motion then passed without dissent.

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday April 26th at 7:30 p.m. at the Natick Senior Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 p.m.

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