Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Kennedy Senior Center, Natick MA

Minutes Prepared by Bob Messenger
Modified and typed by George Mirijanian

The meeting was called to order at 7:44 p.m. by President George Mirijanian. In attendance, in addition to the president, were Vice President Steve Frymer, Treasurer Bob Messenger; and directors Ken Ballou and Maryanne Reilly; Joe Sparks, who arrived late; and Ken Belt, who arrived later.

Moved (by Ballou/Reilly) to adopt the minutes of the July meeting as corrected. [Correction: Change BankAmerica to Bank of America] Passed without dissent.

New England Open - There are problems with the Holiday Inn site in Boxboro. Some players weren't able to reserve rooms with double beds. Some players were quoted a higher price than the chess rate.
[Sparks arrived.]
President Mirijanian will talk to the hotel about problems with players reserving rooms.
[Belt arrived.]

Greater Boston Open - The tournament is on track for Oct. 1-2 at UMass-Boston.
Mass. Game/60 - The event is on track for Oct. 23 at the Lowell Boys and Girls Club.
Pillsbury Memorial - The event may be held Dec. 16-17. TLA deadline is Sept. 10 for 2 issues of Chess Life if tournament is held Dec. 16-17; 1 issue if held Dec. 2-3 or Dec. 9-10.
Mass. Open - Joe Sparks suggested that the Mass. Open should be held in western Massachusetts. The board agreed that this could be a possibilty if Joe finds a site.

Joe Sparks had been added to this committee. The committee has not yet organized the first qualifier.

Moved (by Sparks/Belt) to approve the version of the MACA bylaws dated August 2005, presented by Ken Ballou, with the correction of section 4.12 to change the quorum for meetings of the Executive Board from six to five. Passed without dissent; Frymer absent.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:06 p.m.