Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Kennedy Senior Center, Natick MA

Minutes Prepared by Bob Messenger
Modified and typed by George Mirijanian

The meeting was called to order by President George Mirijanian at 8:56 p.m. In attendance, in addition to the president, were Vice President Steve Frymer, Treasurer Bob Messenger, and directors Ken Ballou and Ken Belt, the last one of whom arrived late.

Moved (by Messenger/Ballou) to approve the minutes of the August meeting. Passed without dissent.

Bob Messenger reported that the General Fund lost $962.19 in June and $1,652.35 in July and August.

Bob Messenger reported that the New England lost $254.53 and that the New England Chess Association (NECA) is refunding MACA the bid fee of $100.

Ken Ballou gave a preliminary report on the Fall Foliage Festival, State Championship Qualifier No. 1, held Sept. 25 at The Sage School in Foxboro. State Championship Qualifier No. 2 will be held Sunday, Nov. 13, at Lowell High School. Moved (by Ballou/Messenger) that the board go into a committee of the whole to discuss the details of Qualifier No. 2. Passed. A motion (by Mirijanian) was made to report to the board via e-mail discussion the details of Qualifier No. 2. Passed by unanimous consent.

Moved (by Messenger/Ballou) that MACA will pay a commission of $2 per adult membership and $1 per junior membership to the organizer of tournaments which require MACA memberships and who submit the memberships to MACA. Passed 4-1.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:39 p.m.