Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Children's Learning & Aesthetics, Newton Upper Falls, MA

Minutes Prepared by Robert King

The meeting was called to order at 2:22 PM by President George Mirijanian. Steve Frymer, Bob Messenger, Robert King, Gus Gosselin, and Ken Ballou were present.

Treasurer's Report:  Bob Messenger presented the treasurer's report for Dec. 2005.  A motion was made (Ballou, Gosselin) to approve the treasurer's report, which passed (6-0).

Membership Report:  Bob Messenger gave the membership stats to the board. The report showed 282 adults, 41 family, 389 junior, and 216 life for a total of
928 voting members.  Total membership is 1172 (which includes 173 prison, 40 subscriber, 19 exchange, 6 library, 4 comp, and 2 clubs).

Motion:  (Messenger, Mirijanian)  To approve Paris Finley of Greenfield as a MACA life member.  Passed (6-0).

The Tournament Coordinator's Report was given by Bob Messenger.

Motion:  (Frymer, Ballou)  To approve the tournament coordinator's report. Passed (6-0).

Scholastics:  Motion:  (Messenger, Ballou)  To approve Steve Frymer as Scholastic Committee Chairman.  Passed (6-0).

Motion:  (Messenger, Gosselin)  To put the names of Steve Frymer, Ken Ballou, and George Mirijanian on the ballot for Delegates to the USCF Delegates
Convention for 2007.  Passed (6-0).

Pillsbury Grave Marker Project Report:  George Mirijanian reported that he, and possibly others, will be going to the Reading Town Hall on Tuesday Feb 7 to
meet with officials to get their approval for the improvement of the grave site.

Robert Barry Chess Books Donation Report:  George Mirijanian reported that MACA has valued the book donation at one thousand dollars so that Robert Barry will get a one thousand dollar tax deduction for his gift to MACA. MACA will hold an auction at the Mass Open, as a MACA fundraiser.

MACA Election:  The following candidates were nomination at the board meeting for the upcoming MACA Election:  For President - Robert King, For Vice President - Steve Frymer, For Treasurer - Bob Messenger, And For Directors -  Ken Ballou, and Gus Gosselin.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:08 PM.