Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Irish American Club, Malden
Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger

The meeting was called to order by President George Mirijanian at 10:25 a.m.. In attendance were Vice President Steve Frymer, Treasurer Bob Messenger (acting as clerk), and directors Ken Ballou and Gus Gosselin.

Minutes of the February meeting were approved as amended. Minutes of the November, December and January meetings could not be approved because they had not been submitted and Clerk Robby King was not present.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Messenger presented the February 2006 report, with a net loss of $107.41. Income and expense for the Spiegel Cup and Gus Gosselin Grade Championship were deferred to March because the tournament was postponed.


Bob Messenger presented a preliminary Spiegel Cup / Gus Gosselin Grade Championship financial report, with net income of $1,107.84.

Membership Secretary Report

Bob Messenger reported the following membership totals:

Adult members: 284

Family members: 46

Junior members: 430

Life members: 216

Adult clubs: 1

Scholastic clubs: 1

Complimentary subscriptions: 4

Exchange subscriptions: 19

Library subscribers: 6

Prison subscribers: 174

Subscribers: 41

Total: 1222

It was agreed that George Mirijanian would mail Chess Horizons first class to people who joined/renewed between March 1st and March 15th, and the Bob Messenger would mail membership cards to people who joined or renewed.

Tournament Coordinator Report

Bob Messenger reported that the Massachusetts Game/60 and Massachusetts Open contracts have been signed and TLAs submitted. Both tournaments will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Marlborough (soon to be renamed The Hotel Marlborough). The Greater Boston Open and Pillsbury Memorial might be held at the Natick Senior Center.


Ken Ballou reported that Maryanne Reilly was running for director. Ballou said that he would contact Robby King to see whether he was running for director as well as president. Candidate statements would be submitted for contested elections only, with a 100 word limit and a deadline of April 1st. Massachusetts Open and Massachusstts Game/60 Championship flyers will be mailed with the MACA ballot.


George Mirijanian reported that he had received over 300 items for the auction. He said that he would send webmaster Tiffany Wang a list of items and procedures for the auction. Tiffany Wang should provide a way for people to submit bids in advance.

Hurvitz Cup

The board discussed the prizes that would be awarded at the Hurvitz Cup scholastic team championship. There would be team trophies for the top three teams in each section, in addition to the rotating trophies for the first place teams. Each of the four players on a first place team would receive a trophy, and medals would be awarded to members of second and third place teams, alternates on a first place team, and any player scoring three or more points not otherwise winning a prize.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:19 p.m.

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