The MACA Record:Reports, documents & proposals by the MACA Clerk

By Stephen Dann

As MACA prepares to enter the 2007 fiscal year, it should be evident that the number of volunteers may be small in number, but the will to do more is being fueled by re-elected President George Mirijanian.Unless this officer and reporter is incorrect in his view, the coming 2006-07 year will focus on determining, defining and discussing a number of major issues, and will be judged on the number of old and new programs that are put into action. It is no longer purely a matter of money or politics that will determine the future of chess promotion in Massachusetts. We have experienced officers, have named all of this year's coordinators, and have acknowledged the position of Chess Horizons and the esteemed editor of the past six years, Mark Donlan.The board of directors will meet on Sat., July 22 at 1 p.m. at the Fitchburg Public Library to review the year that will end on 6/30 and focus on future priorities, i.e. programs and funding.This clerk will not only take the minutes, but endeavor to ask the tough questions, and, communicate both by computer (Web site), and in writing (mail, Chess Horizons and paper communications and documents left at tournaments and clubs). We hope that other officers and coordinators (and committee chairpersons) do the same. Yes, there will be an on-going debate, but we hope to get things done and build a foundation for the future. We all have a life outside of chess, and the new MACA Record will deal with the past, present and future, but focus on MACA's goals as a non-profit business entity.

Maca Board Meeting Minutes
Reading Public Library, Reading
Minutes prepared by Stephen Dann

The meeting was called to order at 2:29 p.m. by President Mirijanian. Present were officers Frymer, Messenger and Dann (a few minutes later) and directors Gosselin and Ballou.

President Mirijanian affirmed that there was no quorum at the annual meeting, 5/28/06 in Marlboro and offered the following motion from the advance agenda:

MOTION 07-001: Moved, to approve the election results, to destroy the ballots, and to thank Ken Ballou for serving as elections commissioner and chief teller. Passed, without dissent.

President Mirijanian spoke on the just-concluded ceremony from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Laurel Hill Cemetery nearby noting that it was the 100th anniversary of Harry Nelson Pillsbury's passing and that the granite marker was unveiled, speakers addressed the small group present, completing this project. His goals for the coming year included promoting chess on TV local access channels, increasing membership and Chess Horizons circulation (especially at libraries across the state) and improving scholastic chess programs (Chess Life for kids to libraries being one example mentioned).

Treasurer Messenger gave out a five-page report for April-May with balance sheet as of 5/31/06. This showed an increase in year-to-date net income both this year and over last year, projecting that MACA will at least break even for the fiscal year ending 6/30/06.Among the number of questions asked to Bob Messenger was how long it took to prepare the detailed report."Three evenings," he replied.

MOTION 07-002: The treasurer moved that Fred Irons, 73, of Maine, former state resident, be accepted as a senior life member.Passed without dissent.

MOTION 07-003: The president moved to accept the Apr-May treasurer's report as read.Passed without dissent.

Membership: Coordinator Messenger didn't give a detailed report at the meeting, but sent out membership/database figures (total of 1,147) on 6/22/06.

Minutes: There were no prior minutes available, but Bob Messenger said he would send out the minutes of the 2/19 and 3/18 that he took in place of the clerk.These were sent to directors on 6/22/06.The current clerk (not on the board last year) said he would attempt to procure the remaining minutes from November, December and January to complete the past year's records.

Tournaments: Bob Messenger passed out financial reports on the Mass. Game/60 (4/30) and the Mass. Open (5/27-29), both in Marlboro. Both events had net income.It was the second Game/60 of the fiscal year (33 players 11/05, 51 players 4/30/06).There were 94 players in the 3-day sections of the Mass. Open, 184 overall with side events. There was a discussion of the site and future considerations.

MOTION 07-004: It was moved to accept the financial report of the 4/30 Mass. Game/60. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 07-005: It was moved to accept the financial report of the 2006 Mass. Open. Passed without dissent.

There was a short discussion projecting the 2006 Greater Boston Open to be Oct. 28-29 in Natick.

There was a more lengthy discussion regarding the 2006 New England Open (9/2-4) and MACA's possible role to salvage this event due to the apparent default of organizer Joseph Sparks of East Longmeadow.

MOTION 07-006: It was moved by Messenger to authorize the MACA tournament coordinator to bid on and organize the 2006 New England Open if approved by NECA. This failed 3-3.

There was no agreement of the projected dates of the event due to the fact that it was so close to 9/2-4, there would be no advertising in Chess Life, and no firm hotel contract was in force.The other factors were if NECA would recognize other bidders, and the dual role of Bob Messenger as NECA President and director/organizer of events for MACA. Note developments after the board meeting.

(Mr. Frymer left the meeting, leaving the quorum minimum of five)

Coordinator appointments: Coordinators for 2006-07 were nominated as follows:


Budget: Messenger


College: Ballou

Data Processing: Messenger


Fund Raising: Mirijanian

League: Ballou

Living Memorial Fund: Gosselin

Master Chess:Frymer

Parliamentarian: Ballou

Prisons: Frymer

Promotion: Mirijanian

Publications: Mirijanian

Scholastic: Gosselin

Tournament: Messenger



MOTION 07-007: Moved, that the 17 coordinator positions, all with single nominations be filled as above.Passed without dissent.

MOTION 07-008: Moved by Messenger to appoint Frymer as chairman of the scholastic committee.Passed, 4-1.

MOTION 07-009: Moved to appoint Messenger to chair and staff the tournament committee. Passed, 3-0-2.

Other business: Under USCF affairs, President Mirijanian introduced his advance motion to have the board endorse a former state organizer in the national election:

MOTION 07-010: Moved, to endorse the candidacy of Ernest Schlich for the USCF Executive Board. Passed, 5-0.

Agreement was reached for the projected next meeting: 1 p.m. on 7/22/06 (Sat) at the Fitchburg Public Library.

The meeting adjourned at 4:19 p.m. S. Dann, Clerk (6/24/06)

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