MACA Board Meeting Minutes
Burger King, Chelmsford
Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger

The meeting was called to order by President George Mirijanian at 3:15 p.m.. In attendance were Vice President Steve Frymer, Treasurer Bob Messenger (acting as clerk), and directors Gus Gosselin, Larry Eldridge and Maryanne Reilly. Robert King arrived at 3:51 p.m.

Minutes of the August meeting were unavailable because of the absence of Clerk Steve Dann.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Messenger presented the August 2006 report, with a net loss of $1,443.64, and presented financial reports on the New England Open and the Fall Foliage Festival.

The New England Open had a net loss of $42.17, of which MACAís share was $28.11 and the New Hampshire Chess Associationís share was $14.06. Tournament expenses included a $100 bid fee paid to the New England Chess Association. However, one player in the tournament stopped payment on his $49 entry fee check, and there was a $7 bank service fee.

MOVED to absorb the $56 expense for a New England Open entry fee check returned by the bank for a stopped payment as a tournament expense (Messenger/Eldridge). PASSED without dissent.

Steve Frymer, who is the treasurer of the New England Chess Association, stated that his understanding of a motion PASSED at the NECA meeting was since the tournament lost $98.17 NECA would waive all but $1.83 of the bid fee, which would mean that from MACAís point of view the tournament broke even.

The Fall Foliage Festival made a profit of $560.20.

Membership Secretary Report

Bob Messenger reported the following membership totals:

Adult members: 270
Family members: 46
Junior members: 382
Life members: 217
Adult clubs: 1
Scholastic clubs: 1
Complimentary subscriptions: 4
Exchange subscriptions: 19
Library subscribers: 6
Prison subscribers: 191
Subscribers: 40

Total: 1177

MOVED that as a service to MACA members, MACA will sell tournament memberships at cost (Frymer/Messenger, placed on the agenda by Ken Ballou). PASSED without dissent.

MOVED that the board shall revoke the access of a suspended board member to the boardís private internal communication (including, but not restricted to, any email list for use by board members). (Placed on the agenda by Ken Ballou). PASSED without dissent.

Scholastic Report

MOVED to rescind the scholastic-related motions PASSED at the August meeting (Frymer/Messenger).

Mirijanian ruled that the motion was out of order because the minutes of the August meeting were unavailable. Messenger appealed from the decision of the chair. The board voted 3-4 to overrule the chairís decision and allow the motion to be debated (Mirijanian, Eldridge and King in favor of sustaining the decision, Messenger, Gosselin, Frymer, and Reilly opposed).

Mirijanian then MOVED to split the motion into separate motions for the two scholastic-related motions that were PASSED. The motion to divide the question PASSED without dissent.

MOVED to rescind the motion PASSED at the August meeting to use the February rating list for issuing invitations to the state scholastic finals. FAILED 3-3 (Frymer, Gosselin and Messenger in favor, Mirijanian, Eldridge and Reilly opposed; King abstained).

MOVED to rescind the motion PASSED at the August meeting to allow winners of scholastic qualifier tournaments to play in subsequent qualifiers. PASSED without dissent.

MOVED that winners of MACA scholastic qualifying tournaments, other than in the high school section, can participate in subsequent qualifying tournaments only if they play up (Mirijanian/Messenger). PASSED 4-2 (Mirijanian, Messenger, Eldridge and Reilly in favor, Gosselin and King opposed; Frymer abstained).

The meeting was adjourned at 4:44 p.m.

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