MACA Board Meeting Minutes
Framingham Burger King
Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger

The meeting was called to order by President George Mirijanian at 2:13 p.m.. In attendance were Vice President Steve Frymer, Treasurer Bob Messenger (acting as clerk), Clerk Stephen Dann and director Ken Ballou.


Bob Messenger presented minutes of the November meeting. MOVED to approve the minutes of the November board meeting (Ballou/Mirijanian). PASSED without dissent.

Treasurer's Report

Messenger presented the November-December 2006 treasurer report, with a loss of $710.29 for the two month period. MOVED to approve the treasurer’s report (Frymer/Ballou). PASSED without dissent.

Messenger presented a financial report on the Harry Nelson Pillsbury Memorial, which lost $212.16.

Messenger reported that that Massachusetts Game/60 Championship would be held April 22nd at the Kennedy Senior Center in Natick.

The board then discussed the Massachusetts Open. MOVED that this year’s Massachusetts Open honor the memory of Sally L. Howes and Harvey J. Burger (Dann/Ballou). PASSED without dissent.

Scholastic Committee Report

George Mirijanian reported that he would mail flyers for the Holiday Team tournament.

The Spiegel Cup will be held on February 11th at the Kennedy Senior Center in Natick.

The Gus Gosselin Grade Championship will be held on March 4th at the Sudbury Recreation Department. [Note: the site for the tournament was later changed to Natick High School.]

Election Commission Report

Ken Ballou reported that there was no change to the list of announced candidates that he had reported at the November meeting. [For President, Robert King; for Treasurer, Robert Messenger; for director, Robert King, John Dould, Ken Belt, Maryanne Reilly, and George Mirijanian.]

Membership Secretary Report

[Bob Messenger did not present a membership secretary report but these were the totals as of January 6th:

Adult: 241 Family: 36 Junior: 383 Life: 218 Adult clubs: 1 Scholastic clubs: 1 Complimentary: 3 Exchange: 15 Library: 6 Prison: 183 Subscriber: 40

Total: 1127, which which 878 were members of MACA.]

New Business

MOVED to accept the resignation of Stephen Dann as MACA Clerk and appoint him as a director, effective at the end of this meeting (Mirijanian/Ballou). PASSED without dissent.

MOVED to amend section 4.12 of the bylaws to state that “five (5) Executive Board members or a majority of the Executive Board, whichever is less, shall constitute a quorum” (Messenger/Mirijanian). FAILED 2-2 (Messenger and Mirijanian in favor, Dann and Ballou opposed, Frymer abstaining).

The meeting was adjourned at 4:22 p.m.

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