MACA Board Meeting Minutes


American International College, Springfield

Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger

The meeting was called to order by President George Mirijanian at 2:22 p.m..  In attendance were  Treasurer Bob Messenger (acting as clerk) and directors John Dould, Stephen Dann, and Ken Ballou.  Robert King arrived at 3:45 p.m.  Guests present were Parker Montgomery, Ed Kostreba and Margaret King. 


Bob Messenger presented minutes of the January meeting. 

MOVED to approve the minutes of the January board meeting (Ballou/Dann).  PASSED without dissent. 

Treasurer's Report 

Messenger presented the January treasurer report, with net income of $1,124.74 

MOVED to approve the treasurer's report (Dould/Ballou).  PASSED without dissent. 

Scholastic Committee Report 

Messenger presented financial reports on Scholastic Qualifier #4, which had net income of $994.79, and the Holiday Team Challenge, which had net income of $118.47. 

MOVED to approve the scholastic financial reports (Dould/Ballou).  PASSED without dissent. 

Mirijanian reported on the Spiegel Cup, which was held on February 11th. A financial report will be presented at the next meeting. 

The Gus Gosselin Grade Championship will be held at Natick High School on March 4th. Mirijanian mailed out 550 flyers for the event. 

The Hurvitz Cup scholastic team championship will be held on April 1st at Natick High School. 

Membership Secretary Report 

Messenger reported the following database totals: 

Adult: 234

Family: 41

Junior: 409

Life: 217

Adult clubs: 1

Scholastic clubs: 1

Complimentary: 3

Exchange: 15

Library: 6

Prison: 183

Subscriber: 41 

Total: 1151, of which 901 were members of MACA. 

MOVED to approve Richard W. Cohen, 66, of Casper, WY be approved as a senior life member of MACA (Messenger/Dould).  PASSED without dissent. 

Tournament Coordinator's Report 

MOVED that MACA cover up to $500 in net expenses for the New England [FIDE] Masters tournament, so-called, scheduled for August 2007 (Ballou/Dann).  REFERRED to the tournament committee on a motion by Dann, seconded by Messenger. 

Messenger reported that the Massachusetts Game/60 Championship would be held on April 22nd at the Kennedy Senior Center in Natick (also reported at the January meeting.)  There was some discussion about whether April 22nd was the correct date.  [April 22nd is indeed correct.] 

Messenger reported that the Massachusetts Open would be held on Memorial Day weekend at the Courtyard Marriott in Marlboro.  There is a verbal agreement with the hotel but no contract has been signed yet. 

Messenger reported that the New England Open, organized by the New Hampshire Chess Association, would be held at the Radisson Hotel at the Center of New Hampshire in Manchester on Labor Day weekend. 

MOVED that MACA will donate up to a page and a half of free advertising in the July-September issue of Chess Horizons for the New England Open (Mirijanian/Dould).  PASSED without dissent. 

Election Commission 

Ken Ballou presented a sample election ballot to the board. 


President: Robert King, Maryanne Reilly

Vice President: Donna Alarie, Kenneth Ballou

Treasurer: Robert Messenger

Clerk: Steve Frymer

Director: Donna Alarie, Kenneth Belt, Stephen Dann, John Dould, Gilbert Gosselin, Kenneth Kaye, George Mirijanian, Maryanne Reilly 

Ballou resigned from the election commission since he is running for an officer position.  Ballots will be returned to George Mirijanian, who is the new election chairman. 

Election ballots will be mailed with Massachusetts Open and Massachusetts Game/60 flyers, plus a ballot, and candidate statements for president and vice president. 

MOVED to approve the election commission report (Messenger/King).  PASSED without dissent. 

New Business 

MOVED to appoint Parker Montgomery to fill a vacancy as a director on the MACA executive board (Dann/Mirijanian).  PASSED without dissent. 

MOVED that MACA give a grant of $500 to Matthew Klegon of Newton, the 2007 Spiegel Cup high school division co-champion, to help defray his expenses of representing the state of Massachusetts in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, July 29-Aug. 3, 2007 in Cherry Hill, NJ (Mirijanian/Ballou).  PASSED without dissent.


MOVED that MACA give a grant of $500 to Michelle Chen of Concord, the 2007 Spiegel Cup elementary division co-champion, to help defray her expenses of representing the state of Massachusetts in the Polgar Invitational for Girls, July 29-Aug. 3, 2007 in Cherry Hill, NJ. (Mirijanian/Messenger).  PASSED without dissent. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:24 p.m. 

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