MACA Board Meeting Minutes

3:00 PM, 6-24-2007

Burger King, Chelmsford

Minutes prepared by Steve Frymer [approved by Board on 28 October 2007]

Attendance: pres. reilly, vp alarie [3:07], trea. messenger, clerk frymer, ballou, dann [4:08], mr. king and ms. king [both 3:40], and mirijanian.


8/001 mirijanian, ballou, to approve the 4/07 board minutes as presented by acting clerk messenger. PASSED, no dissent, hereinafter "n.d."

8/002 mirijanian, ballou, to accept the election committee report as presented by election comm'r mirijanian and destroy the ballots. PASSED, n.d.

8/003 mirijanian, alarie, to accept the treasurer's report as presented. [copy] PASSED, n.d.

8/004 mirijanian, ballou, to accept the membership sec'y's report as presented. PASSED, n.d. as of 6/21/2007, 244 adults, 43 family, 418 juniors, 217 life, 6 comps, 15 exchanges, 7 libraries, 189 prison, and 51 subs. 1190 total current in dB, of which 922 are maca members.

8/005 mirijanian, ballou, to accept the tm't coordinator's reports [mass. g/60 and mass. open] as presented. [copy] PASSED, n.d.

8/006 ballou, messenger, to accept the prison coordinator's oral report as presented. PASSED, n.d.

8/007 messenger, mirijanian, to accept the scholastic comm. chair's oral report as presented. PASSED, n.d.

8/008 messenger, alarie, to accept the publication coordinator's oral report as presented. PASSED, n.d.

8/009 ballou, messenger and unanimous consent, that the following positions be filled as stated: budget-messenger, clubs-mirijanian, college-ballou, data processing-messenger, education-dann, leagues-ballou, LMCF-dann, masters-frymer, membership sec'y-messenger, parliamentarian-ballou, prison-frymer, promotion-mr. king, publications-mirijanian, scholastics[coordinator and committee chair]-reilly, and tm'ts-ballou. PASSED, n.d. the positions of archivist, fundraising, and volunteer were left vacant.

8/010 messenger, alarie, that A. checkwriting privileges w/ the bank be updated for the new pres. and returning treasurer [either/or], that B. checkwriting privileges at investment firm bethel fisher [BF] be established for the pres. and treas. [both required], and C. that the pres. be the massachusetts contact w/ the investment firm. PASSED, n.d.

8/011 reilly, dann, that webmaster tiffany wang be recognized for her contribution to MACA. PASSED, n.d.

8/012 dann, ballou, that the lmcf coordinator make a proposal as to what he would like to do in the coming year. amended that the coordinator has full authority to dispense chess sets within New England in the interim. PASSED, n.d.

8/013 ballou, mirijanian that the lmcf be renamed the gus gosselin-lmcf. after discussion ballou, reilly moved to postpone to the next meeting. PASSED. [i don't recall any objection.]


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