MACA Board Meeting Minutes

3:10 PM, 9-09-2007

Maryanne Reilly's Home

Minutes prepared by Steve Frymer [approved by Board on 28 October 2007]

Attendance: reilly, alarie, messenger, frymer, ballou, mirijanian and guest walter champion late attendance: dann [3:23] and r. and m. king [5:05]

motion 8-114: ballou/mirijanian, suspend order of business to allow w. champion talk about scholastics [non-trophy prizes to encourage children to enter maca sponsored tm'ts]. passed [no dissent ]

motion 8-115 [3:30]: alarie/messenger, refer w. champion proposed prizes to scholastic committee for recommendation. passed [n.d.]

w. champion left the meeting.

motion 8-116 [3:35]: alarie/reilly, approve june minutes via e-mail. [written copy unavailable at meeting] this motion was not voted on and after the meeting it was determined that the by-laws did not make provision for this. it's likely that we'll take up the june minutes at our next meeting.

treasurer's report commenced at 3:43.

motion 8-117: messenger/reilly, instruct publications coordinator to seek candidate(s) for position of ad manager (to replace current incumbent). passed [n.d.]

motion 8-118; reilly/alarie, to accept the treasurer's report. passed [n.d.]

membership sect'y's report commenced at 4:27.

membership counts: A-230; F-36; J-396; L-217; C-6; E-15; Lib.-7; P-189; S-49; Total current in dB = 1145; 879 are MACA members.

tournament coordinator's report commenced at 4:28. GBO all set [27-28 oct. at natick senior center]; H.N. Pillsbury Memorial is planned for the 24-25 nov. weekend in leominster/boys & girls club. [tournament comm. met after the board mtg. and decided to hold only a one-day event on 25 nov. at the above mentioned site.]

no prison coordinator report [4:30].

master chess discussion commenced at 4:31.

motion 8-119: frymer/ballou, to donate $500 to chris bird to cover losses sustained at the new england fide masters tm't. messenger/reilly, refer to tournament committee. failed [1 (messenger) in favor, 6 opposed] messenger/frymer, amend main motion by requiring a financial report. failed [3 (messenger, frymer, reilly) in favor, 4 opposed] after further discussion it was decided to hold the main motion for the next meeting.

scholastic coordinator's report commenced at 5:00.

motion 8-120: frymer/ballou, that maca should hold a qualifier in worcester. messenger/reilly, refer to scholastic committee. passed [6 in favor, 2 (alarie, dann) opposed]

publications discussion commenced at 5:22.

old business discussion commenced at 5:28.

new business discussion commenced at 5:35.

motion 8-121: ballou/dann, instruct the publications coordinator to appoint a committee to consider an on-line chess horizons. passed [n.d.]

the next board mtg. is planned for 21 october 2007.

meeting adjourned at 5:56 pm  

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