MACA Board Meeting Minutes


Natick Senior Center/Metrowest Chess Club, Natick

Minutes prepared by Steve Frymer [app'd at the 9 December 2007 Board Mtg.]

Call to order at 3:40 pm. Attendance: Reilly, Messenger, Ballou, R. King, Mirijanian, Frymer [3:55], Alarie [3:58] and Dann [4:15]. Guest Brian Lafferty arrived at 5:45.

Motion 8-122 [3:45]: Mirijanian/Ballou, to accept the treasurerís report. Passed [n.d.]

Motion 8-123 [3:55]: Ballou/Messenger, to accept the June and Sept. Minutes. Passed [n.d.]

Ken Ballou gave the tournament report [4:00]. [GBO broke even financially.]

Steve Frymer gave the prison chess report [4:25]. [Recent visit to MCI-Norfolk.]

Master chess/old business:

Motion 8-119 [4:45]: Frymer/Ballou, to donate $500 to Chris Birdís N.E. Masters tmít which lost money. Failed 2[Ballou, Frymer]-5-1.

Stephen Dann gave a LMCF report [4:45-5:15].

George Mirijanian gave a publications report [5:15-5:30].

Scholastics [5:30-5:45]:

Bob Messenger gave a financial report on the Fall Foliage/Q #1. [$794.83 in the black.]

Maryanne Reilly gave a report on future scholastic tmít scheduling. [12/15-Q #3 in Holyoke; 1/13-Q #4 in Natick; 1/27?-Holiday Team at a hotel in Waltham; 2/10-Spiegel Cup in Natick. Hurvitz Cup either in Natick on 3/30 or a hotel on 4/6 or 4/13.]

Publications: There was a discussion re CH-e-zine and membership [5:45-6:00].

Motion 8-124 [6:00-6:30]: Alarie/Dann, appoint Brian Lafferty of Longmeadow to the MACA Exec. Board. Passed, 7-0-1.

[Next meeting planned for 2 December 2007.]

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Steve Frymer, Clerk [G. Mirijanian was acting clerk until clerk arrived.]

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