MACA Board Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2007

Burger King, Chelmsford, MA

The meeting was called to order at 2:20 PM. In attendance: Stephen Dann, Maryanne Reilly, George Mirijanian, Donna Alarie, Larry Eldridge, Kenneth Ballou. Joseph Alfano attended as a guest.

The draft minutes of the October 28 meeting (sent via e-mail by the clerk 11/22/2007) were reviewed and modified as follows:

1. Strike the comment "[Stephen was absent so I need a highlight for the minutes.]"

2. Strike the comment "[George: need a highlight.]"

MOTION 8-125: Alarie/Mirijanian, accept the minutes of the 28 October 2007 meeting with the modifications noted above. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 8-126: Alarie/Dann, modify the order of business to take up the appointment of Joseph Alfano to the Board of Directors. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 8-127: Alarie/Ballou, Joseph Alfano is appointed to the Board of Directors. Passed without dissent.

The President welcomes Mr. Alfano to the MACA board with immediate effect.

MOTION 8-128: Alarie/Alfano, Brian Lafferty is appointed election commissioner for the the 2008 election. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 8-129: Eldridge/Alfano, the election committee comprises Brian Lafferty as commissioner, George Mirijanian, and Stephen Dann. Passed without dissent (abstaining: Dann, Mirijanian).

Robert Messenger arrived at 2:33 PM with apologies for lateness.

MOTION 8-130: Reilly/Eldridge, Nicholas Trieu is awarded the 11/Under qualifying spot from the qualifier tournament held at Milton Academy. Passed without dissent.

[At this point, there was discussion of the need to establish a policy to handle cases where a previous qualifier winner plays in a higher section in a subsequent qualifier and wins. There was no main motion on the floor.]

MOTION 8-131: Alarie/Dann, The board refers establishment of a policy to handle cases of a scholastic player winning multiple qualifier tournaments to the scholastic committee. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 8-132: Dann/Alarie, create committees for both LMCF and Education to assist the coordinator to implement projects. Passed without dissent.

Donna Alarie nominates Brian Lafferty to the LMCF committee.

MOTION 8-133: Messenger/Reilly, close nominations to the LMCF committee. The committee membership will be Stephen Dann, Brian Lafferty, and Maryanne Reilly (ex officio). Passed without dissent.

MOTION 8-134: Ballou/Messenger, Stephen Dann is appointed chair of the LMCF committee. Passed without dissent (abstention: Dann).

MOTION 8-135: Alarie/Ballou, Stephen Dann is appointed chair of the education committee. Passed without dissent (abstention: Dann).

The President commends Stephen Dann and Brian Lafferty for their excellent work procuring chess sets and boards for LMCF at a very favorable cost in a timely manner and for quickly fulfilling the two pending LMCF requests.

The Treasurer presented the October, 2007, financial report and the financial report for the Greater Boston Open.

MOTION 8-136: Mirijanian/Alarie, the October, 2007, financial report is accepted. Passed without dissent.

The tournament coordinator presented the tournament committee's report. [The Milton qualifier was successful. The Pillsbury Memorial was quite successful; the one day format and the choice of date and site seem to have been well received. The 2008 Mass. G/60 championship is planned for April 27, 2008, at the Kennedy Senior Center (provided the site is available).]

MOTION 8-137: Messenger/Eldridge: Donna Alarie, George Mirijanian, and Kenneth Ballou are nominated as USCF delegates for the 2009-2010 term. Stephen Dann, Brian Lafferty, and Joseph Alfano are nominated as USCF alternate delegates for the 2009-2010 term. Passed without dissent (abstentions: Dann)

Larry Eldridge left the meeting at 4:00 PM.

MOTION 8-138: Ballou/Alfano, Chess Horizons advertising rates are set as follows, effective as of the April-June, 2008, issue:

Back cover: $175
Inside cover: $150
Full page: $100
Half page: $60
Quarter page: $35
Business card: $20

Passed without dissent (abstentions: Dann).

George Mirijanian explained that because he has philosophical objections to publishing Chess Horizons in "soft format" (on line, or "e-zine"), he is resigning as chair of the ad-hoc committee to study publication of Chess Horizons on line (hereafter referred to as the "e-zine committee" for brevity).

MOTION 8-139: Dann/Reilly, Stephen Dann is appointed chair of the e-zine committee.

MOTION 8-139a: Reilly/Mirijanian, Motion 8-139 is postponed to the next board meeting. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 8-140: Messenger/Alfano: The tournament committee is authorized to organize an open team tournament with total expenses not to exceed $4000. Passed without dissent (abstentions: Mirijanian).

MOTION 8-141: Reilly/Ballou, to adjourn. Passed without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 4:34 PM.

Kenneth Ballou, acting clerk

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