MACA Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2008

McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road (Route 30), Framingham, MA

The meeting was called to order at 3:18 P.M. In attendance: George Mirijanian, Stephen Dann, Maryanne Reilly, Robert Messenger, Brian Lafferty, Brian Mottershead, Kenneth Ballou.

MOTION 09-001: Lafferty/Messenger, the minutes of the May 4, 2008, meeting as distributed are approved. Passed without dissent.

The election commission reported the results of the 2008 election. The results may be found in an appendix to these minutes.

Mr. Messenger will send certified mail to Margaret King advising her that she was not a member of the corporation at the time of election and requesting payment of MACA dues no later than the next board meeting. Mr. Messenger will send e-mail to Robert King advising him of the need to extend his membership to cover the length of term.

(Donna Alarie arrived at 3:44 P.M.)

MOTION 09-002: Reilly/Ballou, the board certifies the election results and authorizes the election commissioner to destroy the ballots. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report.

MOTION 09-003: Mirijanian/Lafferty, the treasurer's report is accepted. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Messenger presented the membership report. MACA has received payment of life membership dues from Mr. Moe van Dereck.

MOTION 09-004: Messenger/Mirijanian, Mr. Moe van Dereck is a MACA life member. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Ballou presented the tournament committee report. The details of the New England Open have been settled. The next tournament to be planned is the Greater Boston Open. Mr. Ballou will inquire about availability of the Kennedy Senior Center for the last weekend of October.

President Reilly presented the scholatic committee report. The second qualifier will be held at BB&N Upper School Sunday, November 9, 2008. Genzyme is interested in hosting an event (ChessFest?) in October.

Mr. Mirijanian presented the publications report. The July-September 2008 issue of Chess Horizons went to the printer Monday, June 9.

MOTION 09-005: Ballou/Mirijanian, Donna Alarie is appointed chair of the "e-zine" committee, and the following coordinators are appointed to the respective offices:

Archivist: (vacant)
Budget: Donna Alarie
College chess: (vacant)
Club: George Mirijanian
Data Processing: Robert Messenger
Education: Stephen Dann
League: (vacant)
LMCF: Brian Lafferty
Master chess: Donna Alarie
Membership: Robert Messenger
Parliamentarian: Brian Mottershead
Prison chess: Steven Frymer
Promotion: Brian Lafferty
Publications: George Mirijanian
Scholastic: Maryanne Reilly
Tournament: Kenneth Ballou
Volunteer: Stephen Dann

Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-006: Lafferty/Mirijanian, appoint Mr. Frank Kolasinski to the board of directors. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-007: Mirijanian/Lafferty, form an ad-hoc investment committee for the purpose of advising the board. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-008: Ballou/Lafferty, the investment committee comprises President Maryanne Reilly (chair), Mr. Brian Mottershead, Mr. Robert Messenger, and Mr. Tony Cortizas. Passed without dissent (abstention: Messenger)

The next meeting of the MACA board of directors will be held Sunday, July 20, 2008, at 3:00 P.M. at this location (McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road [Route 30], Framingham, MA).

MOTION 09-009: Ballou/Reilly, to adjourn. Passed without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 5:27 P.M.

Kenneth Ballou, clerk


Appendix 1. Election commission report

The results of the 2008 election are as follows:

Maryanne Reilly (88 votes) - elected
Steve Frymer (1 vote) - write-in
George Mirijanian (1 vote) - write-in
Mikhail Perelshteyn (1 vote) - write-in
Beebe Wiegand (1 vote) - wrte-in

Vice President:
Donna Alarie (84 votes) - elected
George Mirijanian (2 votes) - write-in
Steve Frymer (1 vote) - write-in

Robert Messenger (92 votes) - elected
Matthew Gosselin (1 vote) - write-in

Kenneth Ballou (87 votes) - elected
Bernardo Iglesias (1 vote) - write-in

DIRECTORS (elected)
George Mirijanian, 93 votes
Steve Frymer, 88 votes
Stephen Dann, 80 votes
Beebe Wiegand, 73 votes
Joseph Alfano, 71 votes
Brian Lafferty, 70 votes
Brian Mottershead, 69 votes
Robert King, 63 votes
Margaret King, 60 votes

Kenneth Belt, Mark Kaprielian, William Kelleher (3 votes each)

Natasha Christiansen, Walter Driscoll, Larry Eldridge, Matthew Gosselin, Frank Kolasinski, Matthew Phelps, Alonzo Ross (2 votes each)

Donna Alarie, David Allard, Chris Chase, Neil Cousin, John Curdo, Bruce Denis, Max Enkin, Igor Foygel, Chris Galli, Kate Gasser, Tomas Girnius, Mike Griffin, Louis Jacques, lya Krasik, Ed Lafferty, Mark LaRocca, Anatoly Levin, Paul MacIntyre, Mark Marshall, Eugene Perelshteyn, Harvey Reed, James Rizzitano, Jeffrey Smith, Peter Shtudiner, Joe Sparks, Dan Sullivan, Jerry Williams, Irving Wolfson, Carl Yastrzemski (1 vote each)

Brian Lafferty, Election Commissioner
George Mirijanian, Election Committee member
Stephen Dann, Election Committee member

Appendix 2. Membership report

Membership report as of June 12, 2008

225 adult members
43 family members
333 junior members
216 life members
1 affiliate member
4 complementary copies of Chess Horizons
17 exchanges with other organizations
6 libraries
206 prison
56 subscribers
1107 total
1064 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
817 corporate members (adult, family, junior, and life)
774 voting members

Compared with the previous membership report of May 2, 2008, this represents the following changes in membership categories:

+18 adult members
+ 8 family members
- 1 complementary copies
+ 4 prison
+ 2 subscribers
+31 total change
+23 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
+26 corporate members
-12 voting members

Robert D. Messenger
Membership Secretary

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