MACA Board Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2008

McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road (Route 30), Framingham, MA

The meeting was called to order at 3:12 PM. In attendance were Robert Messenger, Stephen Dann, Frank Kolasinski, George Mirijanian, Maryanne Reilly, F. Alexander Relyea, and Kenneth Ballou, and guests Nicholas Sterling and Nita Patel.

Vice President Donna Alarie arrived at 3:14 PM.

The following corrections to the draft minutes of the September 14, 2008, meeting were noted:

1. The date of the meeting was incorrectly recorded as July 20, 2008.
2. Mr. Nicholas Sterling was omitted from the list of guests present at the start of the meeting.

MOTION 09-021, Messenger/Reilly, accept the minutes of the September 14, 2008, meeting as corrected. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report.

Mr. Brian Mottershead arrived at 3:24 PM.

MOTION 09-022, Kolasinski/Reilly, accept the treasurer's report. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Ballou presented the tournament committee report. The tournament committee did not have much business since the previous board meeting. The Greater Boston Open is the next upcoming tournament, being held in Natick at the Kennedy senior center October 26. The Pillsbury Memorial will be held in Leominster the Sunday following Thanksgiving, November 30.

Vice President Alarie presented the e-zine committee report. At its previous meeting (attended by Stephen Dann, Brian Mottershead, Robert Messenger, Kenneth Ballou, and Donna Alarie), the committee reviewed the July-September, 2008, issue of Chess Horizons and identified a possible sixteen (16) pages to cut from the issue.

President Reilly presented the scholastic committee report. The Fall Foliage Festival had a smaller turnout than previous years, but this could be seen as fortunate in that construction at Sage School had run over schedule and the space available was limited. The four sections of the tournament were quite competitive. The second qualifier will be held at the BB&N Upper School Sunday, November 9th. The third qualifier will be held in western Massachusetts Saturday, December 6th. The fourth qualifier is confirmed for Milton Academy, Sunday, January 11. (Note: the tournament will NOT be held in the Caroline Saltonstall gymnasium.)

Unfortunately, the scholastic committee has learned that Natick High School only had two students enroll in the chess club this year; therefore, the school will not be able to host any MACA scholastic tournaments this year. Sage School will host the Hurvitz Cup state team championship March 8; by that date, construction is expected to be complete and plenty of space will be available. Tentatively, the Holiday Team Challenge is scheduled for January 25 and the Gosselin Grade Championship is scheduled for March 29, with sites to be determined.

Mr. Dann presented the education committee report. The committee suggests that MACA should maintain a separate education page on the web site. This page would list current needs such as volunteers for libraries. The area would have to be kept up to date, possibly with weekly updates from Mr. Dann.

At the previous meeting, motions 09-012b and 09-012c had been postponed to the next meeting. The text of motions 09-012b (as amended) and 09-012c may be found in the minutes of the July 20, 2008, meeting. The text of the motions is copied here for convenience:

MOTION 09-012b: Replace the last sentence of section 7.2 of the by-laws with the following text: "All nominees must be corporate members, and the length of the nominee's membership must include the entire term of office for which the nominee is a candidate. The elections commissioner shall notify nominees within seven (7) days of the close of nominations if their membership does not meet this requirement. The nominee will resolve membership issues within fifteen (15) days of notification by the election commissioner. Any nominee not meeting this requirement will not be listed on the ballot."

Motion 09-012b was passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-012c: Insert the following text as a new section 7.6 of the bylaws: "7.6. Write-in Candidates. Within fifteen (15) days of the announcement of election results, all candidates elected to office through write-in votes must be corporate members with the length of membership including the entire term of office to which the candidate is elected. The election of any write-in candidate who does not meet this requirement will be considered void and the office shall be vacant."

MOTION 09-012g, Ballou/Mirijanian, refer motion 09-012c to the bylaws committee. Passed without dissent.

The meeting now proceeded to consideration of new business.

MOTION 09-023, Mirijanian/Reilly, MACA will establish a Gus Gosselin memorial tournament.

MOTION 09-023a, Alarie/Ballou, refer motion 09-023 to the tournament committee. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-024, Mirijanian/Alarie, enter into a committee of the whole to discuss a dues increase. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Larry Eldridge (guest) arrived at 4:50 PM.

MOTION 09-025, Alarie/Ballou, exit committee of the whole. Passed without dissent.

The next board meeting will be held Sunday, November 16, 2008, 3:00 PM at this location (McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road [Route 30], Framingham, MA).

MOTION 09-026, Ballou/Messenger, adjourn. Passed without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 5:18 PM.

Kenneth Ballou, clerk


Membership report as of October 19, 2008

218 adult members
48 family members
358 junior members
216 life members
1 affiliate member
4 complementary copies of Chess Horizons
17 exchanges with other organizations
5 libraries
212 prison
57 subscribers
1136 total
1088 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
840 corporate members (adult, family, junior, and life)
792 voting members

Compared with the previous membership report of September 11, 2008, this represents the following changes in membership categories:

- 6 adult members
+ 1 family member
+12 junior members
+ 5 prisoners
+ 3 subscriber
+15 total change
+14 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
+ 7 corporate members
+ 6 voting members

Robert D. Messenger
Membership Secretary

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