MACA Board Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2008

McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road (Route 30), Framingham, MA

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM. In attendance were Stephen Dann, George Mirijanian, Brian Lafferty, Robert Messenger, Maryanne Reilly, Brian Mottershead, Donna Alarie, and Kenneth Ballou.

MOTION 09-027, Lafferty/Reilly, accept the minutes of the October 19, 2008, meeting. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report.

Mr. Messenger presented the membership report.

Mr. Nicholas Sterling (guest) arrived at 3:22 PM.

Mr. Ballou presented the tournament committee report. The tournament committee has had no activity of note. The next MACA tournament is the Pillsbury Memorial, Sunday, November 30, in Leominster. The next tournament for the committee to plan is the Mass. G/60 Championship at the end of April. The committee also has before it Mr. Mirijanian's motion 09-023 for consideration.

Vice President Alarie presented the e-zine committee report. The consensus of the committee is that MACA does not have to send hardcopy magazines to junior members provided there is a members only area of the web site.

Mr. Mottershead presented a summary of his investigation of printing options for Chess Horizons and a sample of a recent issue printed using digital printing technology.

MOTION 09-028, Lafferty/Mottershead, put future issues of Chess Horizons on the web site in PDF format. If there is insufficient time to prepare a members only area of the web site for the January-March 2009 issue, that one issue will be available without membership restriction. WITHDRAWN

MOTION 09-029, Alarie/Reilly, The webmaster will begin creating a members only area of the web site for the purpose of putting Chess Horizons online in PDF format as soon as feasible. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-030, Mottershead/Reilly, establish a magazine production committee consisting of Brian Mottershead, George Mirijanian, Robert Messenger, and Maryanne Reilly with authority to change printer and mailer for the January-March, 2009, and subsequent issues of Chess Horizons. The committee is also authorized to delay mailing the January-March, 2009, issue until January 7, 2009, to effect the transition. Passed 6-1 (voting for: Lafferty, Mottershead, Reilly, Messenger, Alarie, Ballou; against, Mirijanian; abstaining, Dann).

MOTION 09-031, Mottershead/Lafferty, authorize the magazine production committee to reduce the page count from 48 to 32 for the January-March, 2009, and subsequent issues of Chess Horizons. Passed 5-2 (voting for: Messenger, Reilly, Lafferty, Mottershead, Ballou; against, Alarie, Mirijanian; abstaining, Dann).

Vice President Donna Alarie resigned from the e-zine committee.

MOTION 09-032, Lafferty/Dann, disband the e-zine committee. WITHDRAWN

MOTION 09-033, Messenger/Mirijanian:

Resolved: That any of the following officers, to wit: the President and the Treasurer, of this Corporation, be, and they hereby are, fully authorized and empowered to transfer, convert, endorse, sell, assign, set over and deliver any and all shares of stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, subscription warrants, stock purchase warrants, evidences of indebtedness or other securities now or hereafter standing in the name of or owned by this Corporation, and to make, execute and deliver, under the corporate seal of this Corporation or otherwise, any and all written instruments of assignment and transfer necessary or proper to effectuate the authority hereby conferred. Passed without dissent (abstention: Lafferty).

MOTION 09-034, Messenger/Ballou, liquidate the corporation's stock holdings and invest the money in FDIC insured accounts. Passed without dissent (abstention: Dann).

President Reilly presented the scholastic committee report. Weston Middle School will host the Holiday Team Challenge January 25, 2009, and the Gosselin Grade Championship March 29, 2009. Sage School will host the Hurvitz Cup March 1, 2009. Kudos to webmaster Tiffany Wang for setting up the scholastic e-mail list; the scholastic committee has already sent a welcome message to the list and used the list to publicize the BB&N qualifier. The scholastic committee also noted with interest the 29 entries in the novice under 400 section of the BB&N qualifier.

Mr. Lafferty presented the LMCF committee report. Thirty sets have been distributed to Grafton. LMCF has distributed 90 of its inventory of 200 sets and boards. Lawrence High School may be restarting a chess program. Andover will be starting a program.

Mr. Dann presented the education committee report.

MOTION 09-035, Ballou/Reilly, Nicholas Sterling, Brian Lafferty, and George Mirijanian are appointed to the Elections Commission for the 2009 election. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-036, Mirijanian/Reilly, in accordance with Article 2.1.c. of the bylaws, MACA confers memberships on resident grandmasters Arthur Bisguier, now living in Wellesley, and on Roman Dzindzichashvili, residing in Hull. Passed without dissent.

The next board meeting will be held Sunday, December 14, 2008, 3:00 PM at this location (McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road [Route 30], Framingham, MA).

MOTION 09-037, Messenger/Ballou, adjourn. Passed without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 5:31 PM.

Kenneth Ballou, clerk


Membership report as of November 14, 2008

214 adult members
45 family members
341 junior members
216 life members
1 affiliate member
5 complementary copies of Chess Horizons
17 exchanges with other organizations
5 libraries
213 prison
51 subscribers
1108 total
1063 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
816 corporate members
771 voting members

Compared with the previous membership report of October 19, 2008, this represents the following changes in membership categories:

- 4 adult members
- 3 family members
-17 junior members
+ 1 complementary copies of Chess Horizons
+ 1 prison
- 6 subscribers
-28 total change
-25 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
-24 corporate members
-21 voting members

Robert D. Messenger
Membership Secretary

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