MACA Board Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2008

McDonald's, 343 Cochituate Road (Route 30), Framingham, MA

The meeting was called to order at 3:12 PM. In attendance were Maryanne Reilly, Brian Lafferty, Robert Messenger, F. Alexender Relyea, Brian Mottershead, and Kenneth Ballou, and guest Nita Patel.

MOTION 09-038, Messenger/Reilly, approve the minutes of the November 16, 2008, meeting. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-039, Messenger/Reilly, correct the membership secretary report in the appendix of the motions of the October 19, 2008, meeting to reflect the correct totals (overall, Chess Horizons recipients, corporate members, and voting members). Passed without dissent.

Mr. Stephen Dann arrived at 3:15 PM.

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report. For the month of November, 2008, the general fund shows a net gain of $561.33.

Mr. Steven Frymer arrived at 3:24 PM. Mr. Nicholas Sterling (guest) arrived at 3:25 PM.

MOTION 09-040, Lafferty/Ballou, accept the treasurer's report. Passed without dissent.

Mr. Ballou reported that there had been no tournament committee activity.

Mr. Mottershead presented the magazine production committee report. The next issue (January-March, 2009) of Chess Horizons will contain a President's Letter explaining the changes that have been made to the magazine. The club directory, book reviews, and upcoming events will be moved out of the print publication to the MACA web site. A PDF file of the upcoming issue was delivered to Fedex Thursday, December 11. The printed issue will be ready Tuesday, December 16. The print run consists of 1110 issues, of which 1014 will be mailed (10 issues by first class mail). The cost of printing is $1134. Copley Business Services will provide mailing service for approximately $300, and postage will cost approximately $320. The total cost of printing and mailing for this issue will therefore be between $1700 and $1800, compared with a cost between $2600 and $2700 for previous issues.

MOTION 09-041, Lafferty/Reilly, accept the magazine production committee report. Passed without dissent.

MOTION 09-042, Messenger/Reilly, the board commends Mr. Mottershead for his outstanding work on magazine production. Passed without dissent.

President Reilly presented the scholastic committee report. The committee noted the problems with the third qualifier tournament reported by Mr. Kolasinski. The fourth qualifier (January 11, 2009) will not be held at Milton Academy as planned owing to a lack of space for parents. Instead, the tournament will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham.

Mr. Lafferty presented the LMCF report. There are about 200 sets left in the LMCF inventory. Anyone knowing of schools with chess programs that are in need of sets is asked to please contact Mr. Lafferty.

Mr. Dann presented the education committee report. The education program is limited by available manpower. There is an opportunity in Dover for a paid position at the rate of $35/hour.

Mr. Frymer presented the prison chess report. Harvard College visited MCI Norfolk Sunday, November 16, 2008, to play a match (which resulted in a 2-2 tie). Plans are being made for a return visit. Mr. Frymer has received correspondence from Severine Wamala and David Gamali which was presented at the meeting.

Mr. Sterling presented the election commission report. Notice will appear in the next issue of Chess Horizons that nominations are open.

MOTION 09-043, Messenger/Ballou, appoint Steven Frymer and Brian Mottershead to the budget committee. Passed without dissent.

The next meeting will be held at the Kennedy Senior Center, 117 E. Main Street, Natick, MA (Metrowest Chess Club) Tuesday, January 13, 7:30 PM.

MOTION 09-044, Messenger/Reilly, adjourn. Passed without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM.

Kenneth Ballou, clerk


Membership report as of December 13, 2008

208 adult members
42 family members
343 junior members
216 life members
1 affiliate member
5 complementary copies of Chess Horizons
17 exchanges with other organizations
6 libraries
218 prison
51 subscribers
1107 total
1065 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
809 corporate members
767 voting members

Compared with the previous membership report of October 19, 2008, this represents the following changes in membership categories:

- 6 adult members
- 3 family members
+ 2 junior members
+ 1 library
+ 5 prison

- 1 total change
+ 2 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
- 7 corporate members
- 4 voting members

Robert D. Messenger
Membership Secretary

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