Kennedy Senior Center, 117 E. Central Street, Natick, MA

The meeting was called to order at 1:43 PM. In attendance were Brian Mottershead, Robert Messenger, Stephen Dann, F. Alexander Relyea, Maryanne Reilly, Donna Alarie, Kenneth Ballou, and guest Nicholas Sterling.

MOTION 09-060, Mirijanian/Alarie (advance motion), Nicholas Sterling is appointed to the board of directors. PASSED without dissent.

President Reilly welcomed Mr. Sterling to the board with immediate effect.

MOTION 09-061, Alarie/Reilly, accept the minutesbof the previous meeting. PASSED without dissent.

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report. The month of March shows a gain of $2,302.42. The Hurvitz Cup showed a gain of $1,196.35. The Gosselin Grade Championship showed a preliminary gain of $1,729.25, but this figure does not include the cost of site rental or table rental.

Mr. Messenger presented the membership report.

MOTION 09-062 Messenger/Alarie, Enrique McDonald is a life member. PASSED without dissent.

Mr. Robert King arrived at 2:18 PM.

In lieu of an election commission report, there was discussion of the wording of the question on the ballot to approve by-laws changes.

MOTION 09-063, King/Dann, Whereas Mr. Brian Lafferty has resigned as election commissioner, it is resolved that the board appoints George Mirijanian Election Commissioner for the 2009 election. PASSED without dissent.

Mr. Ballou presented the tournament committee report. The Mass. G/60 is in progress and drew 65 entrants.

President Reilly presented the scholastic committee report. The Gus Gosselin Grade Championship at Weston drew 130 players, and the Hurvitz Cup high school section drew 7 teams (27 players).

Publications: Vice President Alarie will follow up with The House of Staunton to present an invoice for previous ads run in Chess Horizons. President Reilly will work with the next publications coordinator to establish a billing policy. Mr. Mottershead offered to look into non-profit restrictions on advertising.

Mr. Steven Frymer arrived at 2:45 PM.

Mr. Sterling left at 3:00 PM.

Guest Mark Kaprielian arrived at 3:10 PM.

Mr. Dann presented the education report. Need to ask Mr. Lafferty how many LMCF sets are in inventory. Mr. Dann is concerned that MACA will not have access to chess sets on the east coast without shipping charges.

LMCF: Vice President Alarie is planning to deliver sets to Cornerstone Academy this week. An application was received from Mayo Elementary School in Holden asking for sets for 20 children for a program to begin in May.

The next meeting will be held Sunday, June 21, 3:00 PM at Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick.

MOTION 09-064, Alarie/Reilly, adjourn. PASSED without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM.


Membership report as of April 24, 2009

203 adult members
45 family members
433 junior members
215 life members
1 affiliate member
6 complementary copies of Chess Horizons
17 exchanges with other organizations
6 libraries
222 prison
51 subscribers
1199 total
1154 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
896 corporate members
851 voting members

Compared with the previous membership report of February 10, 2009, this represents the following changes in membership categories:

-11 adult members
+ 1 family members
- 5 junior members
- 2 life members
+ 5 prison
- 2 subscribers
-14 total
-15 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
-17 corporate members
-18 voting members

Robert D. Messenger
Membership Secretary

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