Vice-President K. Ballou, acting on behalf of President M. Reilly, called the Annual Meeting to order at 3:06 PM at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro, MA, site of the 78th Massachusetts Open. Eight people were in attendance: Vice-President Kenneth Ballou, Treasurer Robert Messenger, Clerk Nicholas Sterling, Stephen Dann, Robert E. King (arrived 3:17 PM), and three MACA Members at large: Warner Smith, Mike Griffin, and Walter Champion.

Election Results were read by K. Ballou.

No. of ballots issued: 851
No. of ballots returned: 111
No. of valid ballots: 110
No. of invalid ballots: 1

79 Maryanne Reilly
25 Robert E. King
1 Mikhail Perelshteyn (write-in)
5 blank

95 Ken Balllou
1 Donna Alarie (write-in)
1 Dan Sullivan (write-in)
1 Beebe Wiegand (write-in)
12 blank

102 Bob Messenger
8 blank

93 Nicholas Sterling
1 Steve Frymer (write-in)
1 Bill Kelleher (write-in)
15 blank

91 George Mirijanian
88 Steve Frymer
83 Maryanne Reilly
77 Stephen Dann
75 Beebe Wiegand
70 F. Alexander Relyea
65 Frank Kolasinski
61 Brian Lafferty
58 Brian Mottershead
56 Kenneth Belt
50 Robert E. King
46 Margaret King
6 Igor Plotkin (write-in)
4 Donna Alarie (write-in)
3 Mark Kaprielian (write-in)
2 John Curdo (write-in)
The following write-ins all received one vote each: Joe Alfano, Chris Bird, Muharrem Brahimaj, John Bottini, Vincent Cammarano, Max Enkin, Jake Garbarino, Bernardo Iglesias, Louis Jacques, Robert J. King, Kent Leung, Paul MacIntyre, Reilly Nathans, Eugene Perelshteyn, Matt Phelps, David Plotkin, Harvey Reed, Alonzo Ross, Ben Smith, Joe Sparks, Jim Todhunter, M. Jon Turcotte, Jerry Williams, Irving Wolfson.

62 yes
20 no
28 abstain (21 abstain, 7 blank)
1 invalid

Tellers: Ken Ballou, George Mirijanian (elections commissioner)

K. Ballou read a statement from President M. Reilly thanking D. Alarie for her term as MACA Vice-President and her service on the Board of Directors.

Treasurer’s report was read. Highlights: (i) Net General Fund Income for the period 7/08-5/09: 853.62, an improvement over -$2633.66 for the period 7/07-5/08; the principal reason for that improvement was the successful collection of back advertising fees from House of Staunton; (ii) Net Special Fund Income for the period 7/08-5/09: $1665.02; (iii) on the Statement of Changes in Fund Balances, B. Messenger reported the “grim” news that all the funds (consisting until recently of stocks previously selected by the late Gus Gosselin) had lost a collected total of $24,267.97 (offset slightly by net income of $2518.68) before those stocks were sold off; (iv) on the Balance Sheet, Total Liabilities & Fund Balances: $56,259.01. B. Messenger made three recommendations: (a) because MACA now has flexibility to set Dues thanks to the newly voted Bylaws Amendments, MACA must seriously consider raising Dues (a point supported by a Member at large), because, as K. Ballou pointed out, Chess Horizons alone (even with money-savings measures taken by B. Mottershead) incurs expenses almost twice the total Dues revenue; (b) although LMCF has bought many chess sets over the past year, MACA must be careful to keep spending the money in that fund, not let it idly accumulate; (c) all the MACA money should be moved from its current NH bank to a MA bank so that it may be more accessible in case there is a change in Treasurer.

Membership: B. Messenger reported that the total number of people listed in the MACA Database, as of 5/21/09, is 1132. Of that total, 830 are Members, 788 are Voting Members, and 1090 receive Chess Horizons.

Tournaments: K. Ballou reported: (a) the Adult Tournaments this year were highly successful; there are four held regularly through the year: the MA Open, the MA G/60 (last Sunday in April), the Greater Boston Open (last Sunday in October), and the Pillsbury Memorial Tournament (held in Leominster the weekend after Thanksgiving); (b) MACA welcomes ideas for new formats of adult tournaments; two ideas that have been suggested are an Adult Team Tournament, and a one-section 6-Round Swiss with Class prizes.

Scholastic: K. Ballou reported on behalf of M. Reilly: (a) the Scholastic Tournaments were highly profitable (unlike the Adult Tournaments, which have seen a steady decline in previous years); there are four Qualifying Tournaments held regularly through the year, 3 hosted by MACA and one by WIMCA; the winners are invited to the Spiegel Cup Tournament in February, at which 40 players compete, 10 players in each of 4 sections; the High School Champion competes at the U.S. Open in the Denker Championship; (b) the high school field next year will be swelled by an inflow of A-Class and stronger middle-schoolers, so that Scholastic Tournaments should be strong at the older ages as well as the younger for some years to come; unfortunately, as one Member at large pointed out, high school juniors tend to lose interest in chess and go elsewhere (partly because of college application time), so that there are relatively few seniors.

Publications: K. Ballou reported on behalf of G. Mirijanian: (a) the last few issues of Chess Horizons were of different paper and printer quality; the feedback has been positive; (b) the number of pages has been cut down to save money; some more material may be moved in the future to the website (such as book reviews or club contact information).

Education / Volunteer: S. Dann reported several developments over the past year: (a) charitable work from LMCF of donating chess sets to schools setting up educational programs has proceeded well, although (reported later) there is often difficulty securing volunteer help to run such programs; (b) although chess education in general has been neglected since the passing of Harry Lyman several years ago, MACA has conducted a survey of chess instructional and educational programs and has found 25 libraries in the state conducting informal after-school events; many of these were located by F. Kolasinski in the west part of the state; (c) there are plans to run a mentoring program for volunteers, in which N. Sterling will be involved; (d) because volunteer instructors are hard to come by, school programs in general (especially at the high school and college level), and even USCF affiliates, have declined sharply in number; at libraries there is more participation, but the crucial sticking point remains the difficulty in finding those volunteer leaders; also chess “advisors” often find that students are reluctant to sign up for their classes or clubs.

Open Questions: Walter Champion asked how many players attended the MA Open. K. Ballou reported that the total for the 3-Day was 85 (an increase over 73 from last year), the total for K-3 was 48, and the total for the 1-Day was 49. Only 12 players this year were from out of state, a decrease from 16 from last year.

President pro tem. K. Ballou adjourned the Annual Meeting at 4:06 PM. The tentative date and place for the June Board Meeting is Saturday, 6/20/09, at the Papa Gino’s in Natick.

Respectfully submitted,
Nicholas Sterling, Clerk