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1st SENECA Youth Team Chess Event

Tournament Details Revised: 1/12/2019 3:07:04 PM
General Information
Event Organizer: SouthEast New England Chess Association  Visit Organizer Website
Event Location: La Salle Academy, 612 Academy Ave., Providence, RI 02908   [ Directions ]
Event Date: Saturday, March 09, 2019
Time Control: 4SS, G/25 d5
Rounds Time: Round 1 at 10:00 AM. Others on completion of each round.
Byes: None
Prize Info: All players on a team that finishes in the top three in their section receive a medal.
Inquiry: monasterychess@gmail.com    401-359-1602
Event Webpage: senecachess.org/event/1st-seneca-youth-team-chess-event/
Registration Information
Entry Fee: $45 per team online in advance, $60 per team onsite.
Registration - Onsite: 9:00-9:45 AM
Membership Requirement: This event is unrated.
Sections Information
Tournament Sections: Age 18 & Under
Age 14 & Under
Age 11 & Under
Age 8 & Under
Tournament Rules and Other Information
  • Age 8 & Under and Age 11 & Under will finish around 12:30, others around 1 PM - 1:30 PM.
  • Players may play up a section in order to participate with friends but no player may play down to a lower section than their age dictates.
  • Please bring a chess clock if you have one. Chess sets will be provided.
  • Pre-registered players should confirm no later than 9:45AM.
  • Pairing of opponents will be determined by how you register your order of boards. No consideration of rating points is needed, but once you determine the order of boards, you must stick to that for the entire event.
  • First tie-break will be team head-to-head, second tiebreak will be cumulative team points. Standard tiebreaks apply after that if needed.
  • FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION contact Bob Salvas from the Southeast New England Chess Association at (401) 359-1602.

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