1998 MACA Election Candidates

Candidates for President


History: Life Master, FIDE Master, Two Time NE Champion, Current President of MACA, Board Member 96-97.

Iíve tried during my first term to transform MACA from an organization that was strife ridden to one that would provide quality services to the chess players of Massachusetts. We have made some progress. Chess Horizons has turned the corner. The MACA web page has grown considerably under the direction of a new team. The scholastic program is much better, from the quality of the trophies to the playing conditions. Our tournaments are better run. I would like to expand our scholastic calendar. I would like to go even further with Chess Horizons and our web page. I would like to have a MACA tournament every month. As much as I would like these and other improvements, we are seriously handicapped by a great lack of money and of people willing to give their time and energy. My challenge for the next year will be to work with the new board to find the money and the people to make these things happen. I hope that you will support my vision by choosing me to be your president. Thank you in advance! (197 words)


As your president, I will radically change the attitude and mood of chess in Massachusetts. My motto: Have Fun: Chess! along with my teaching mantra: chess is controlling space will connect free-lance chess players to MACA, and make all 2320 USCF members of Massachusetts also MACA members. With Au Bon Pain Chess Cafe in Harvard Square Cambridge as hub of MACA activity, chess outreaches the masses. I seek collaboration with great chess organizers like Mark Kaprielian/MetroWest Natick, Michael Gosselin/First Friday Waltham, and Bill MacLellan/Boylston CC, Boston as examples of Have Fun Chess. I will increase participation in MACA tournaments by designing them to fit the needs of MACA members, both in duration and prize fund. I offer continued support to scholastic chess as the foundation of MACAís future. I am an experienced chess teacher, serving after-school programs in elementary schools since 1987. I designed school chess curriculum formats for literacy programs through my graduate studies at UMass Boston. My mini-chess course at Au Bon Pain Cafe is in its 4th year, reaching out to over 500 adults and children per summer. Chess is fun recruits new MACA members! Thank you! (190 words)

Candidates for Vice President


I have extensive experience with volunteer organizations, understand how much work things really take, and how to get a diverse group of people focused and moving in the same direction. I've served three years as President of the MetroWest Chess Club and am one of four people who started the Club in 1983. I have strong organizational and promotional skills as can be evidenced by the strength and growth of the club. I created and maintain the clubs web site where results and events are posted weekly.

Recently I served three years as President of a 490-member Dancer's organization where I oversaw a sixteen person Board of Directors. One of my major accomplishments was winning a bid to host and organizing a record breaking attended National Championships.

Examples of my work and diligence can be seen in my role as the Chief TD and co-organizer of the 1997 Pillsbury Memorial, in the web site I developed and maintain for the MetroWest Club and by the growth and strength of the club during my tenure. (173 words)

Candidates for Treasurer


We are faced with important decisions: some adults love Chess Horizons; others don't renew MACA unless forced; what should adult dues be? We are told that our juniors don't read Chess Horizons; but juniors range in age from 6 to 17, so what service/magazine should we provide them? Should we sponsor low entry fee/low prize fund tm'ts or "big money "tm'ts such as Goichberg format? Should we even compete with other organizers for the OTB player? Should we "help" our best players with perks or let them fend for themselves? If WE fail to solicit your opinion, seek ME out! (100 words)

Candidates for Clerk


MACA has gone through several changes in the last year. Chess Horizons has a new editor and a new look. Unfortunately, increased printing costs and reduced advertising revenue have resulted in a deficit of over $600 per month, wiping out the gains from previous years. The MACA Executive Board will need to make tough choices in the coming months in order to balance the budget while continuing to provide services to our members. I ask for your advice, your support of MACA's programs, and your vote. (86 words)

1998 Candidates for the Board of Directors


Iíve been running chess tournaments in Massachusetts for over 31 years. I received awards from both MACA and USCF for my work in promoting chess.

CHRIS CHASE - See statement in the candidate for President section


MACA is at a cross-roads. Chess Horizons is starting to resemble its former greatness, but is suffering growing pains. Membership is way below peak levels. Our clubs are doing O.K. but lack coordination and teamwork.

I want to help MACA become the lightning rod for chess development in Massachusetts - creating  an environment which attracts and retains members. We need visibility in the communities and schools. We need more MACA sponsored events. We need to help our local organizers working in the trenches. Finally, we need to invest in Chess Horizons, MACA's most visible benefit and best advertisement. (98 words)


I feel strongly that MACA needs to have monthly board meetings, bury politics and use our teamwork to rebuild MACA. I feel that we should put more emphasis on Chess In Education, resume fund raising, rebuild the scholastics program, support local clubs and continue to improve Chess Horizons. (48 words)


During the past year, I have worked closely with our new president Chris Chase to try to keep MACA an active force in Massachusetts chess. I have served as scholastic coordinator and as such have attempted to implement those changes which have been suggested to improve our scholastic chess tournaments and the conditions under which they are run. I could have accomplished nothing without the assistance of hard-working officers and board members Chris Chase, Steve Frymer and Gus Gosselin. I hope that you will re-elect me (and them) to another term in order that I may continue in that capacity. (100 words)


As the "MACA" election approaches I wonder who will be the candidates: Politicians, Non-Dedicated, Glory Seekers, Long Winded, Ego Maniacs, or Candidates who will roll up their sleeves and get to work. "MACA" needs real workers and people with vision. I'll will be voting for workers like Chase, Frymer, Messenger, Sherwood, & 0Kaprielian (Out- standing Club Organizer.) Will this indeed be the year that "MACA" obtains a permanent address with a small hall for playing chess. All the money spent on Chess Horizons could be directed to a better use. Will we ever really promote chess?? How will we move into the Twenty First Century??


Today MACA has an opportunity to redefine its goals. I have seen past obstacles limit our growth and outreach. As a board member I will work to increase youth enrollment (the foundation of adult membership), extend "Chess Horizons" readership, and attract prestigious, national tournaments to inspire more players to join MACA.

I will use my experiences as a MACA member, a previous board member, a national tournament director, a chess club officer, and a scholastic chess club organizer to provide opportunities for all chess players. (85 words)


History: Life Master, Previous Editor of Chess Horizons, Previous Board Member, Tournament Director, and Chess Organizer

I am a strong supporter of current MACA President Chris Chase. During the past year, I have assisted him by directing some scholastic events, chess flyer mailings, and writing the Amazon.com interface to the MACA Book Page. My plan is to continue with these efforts into the future as part of the Chris Chase team. ( 71 words)


I have extensive experience with volunteer organizations, understand how much work things really take, and how to get a diverse group of people focused and moving in the same direction. I've served three years as President of the MetroWest Chess. I have strong organizational and promotional skills as can be evidenced by role as the Chief TD and co-organizer of the 1997 Pillsbury Memorial, by the web site I developed and maintain for the MetroWest Club and by the growth and strength of the club during my tenure. (88 words)


I feel that my experience has led to my obtaining knowledge of the organizational, logistic and financial requirements of what is needed in running a small non-profit organization.

I have served several years on the Boston IEEE/CS Board and held the offices of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Program Committee Chair. I am a volunteer for the local arts program of the Hudson Area Arts Alliance. I was also a member of the Graduate Student Senate at Georgia Tech.

I hope that I may be allowed to bring my experience to MACA to help make the Massachusetts chess experience even more enjoyable. (100 words)


Since last July I have been Assistant (now Acting) Editor of Chess Horizons; I am running for the MACA Board of Directors. The Board should do more; I will be an active Board member. MACA must get its fiscal affairs into order; I have the know-how and experience to help. We need to get more members; I have ideas for doing that which I will work to implement. We can do more to promote chess, through Chess Horizons, other publications, and events, with more volunteers to share the load; as a Board member I will help recruit them. (98 words)


On MACA board since 1985, I am currently MACA vice president. I have worked with 6 Chess Horizons editors over years in duties ranging from assistant editor and proof-reader, to my current and perennial role as photography editor (having photographed some of the greats for CH like the Polgar Sisters, Tal, Kasparov, and Karpov). In 1996, I won the CJA award for best new publication, creating a mix of games analysis and photos for scholastic players. As past president and recording clerk of the Boylston Chess Club Boston, I have extensive experience in chess organization and administration.(97 words)


As an avid chess enthusiast, I hope to bring my skills and experiences to MACA to help better organize it's activities. My three years as a member of Toastmasters Club #5414 culminated in my election as President in 1996. My participation in this volunteer organization provided me with experience in leadership uniquely tailored toward fulfilling the needs of guiding a volunteer organization. Responsibilities such as securing weekly meeting agendas of a minimum of twelve participants each week helped me learn the skills of public speaking, leadership, organization and motivation essential for any volunteer organization. My most rewarding accomplishment was having our club rated as number 1 among 123 in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. (99 words)