Maca Annual Meeting Minutes


Site of the Mass Open

Raddsion Marlboro, Marlboro, Mass

Minutes Prepared by Mark Kaprielian, Clerk

Opened: 3:15 PM


Closed: 4:15 PM



In Attendance


Richard Collins


Tony Cortizas


Stephen Dann


Gus Gosselin


Mike Griffin


Mike Hoffpauir


Mark Kaprielian


Robert King


Bob Messenger


George Mirijanian


Tim Oliveri


Maryanne Reilly


Severine Wamala


Carl Wollen

Called to order

            Vice President Mark Kaprielian called the meeting to order.  He informed those present that since 30 members were not present, the meeting would be an informational meeting only.

            The activity of the Bylaws Committee, which the VP was chairman of, was briefly reported on.

Treasure’s Report

            Robert Messenger distributed financial summaries and walked through the various sections, answering questions from the members as they arose. 

Database Processor Report

            Database processor, Mark Kaprielian passed around a graph showing the membership growth status history.

            A question was asked about reciprocal membership.  Some general background and discussion was held.  It was pointed out that we honor state association memberships at Maca events but that it is up to the individual organizer to determine what will be honored.

Scholastics Coordinator

            Michael Hoffpauir reported on the state of scholastics play.  He reported that this year there were 8 events comprising the championship series of activities, consisting of three qualification events, a state individual championship event and a state team championship event.  The team event had over 200 players.

            He then thanked everyone for their support and in particular, Tim Olivari and Gus Gosselin. 

            As advice to the incoming board and those interested in a successful scholastics program, he made a recommendation that two items need to be addressed promptly and with care.  The first item is that of establishing a calendar of events.  Peter Lee and Tony Gavelis already have a start on this.  The second item is that of firmly establishing the format and rules for the individual and team events.

Results of Annual Election

            Election Commissioner Michael Hoffpauir reported the results of the election which had been posted outside the tournament directors room since the day before.  All results had already been posted on the Maca web site.  He reported that of the 956 ballots sent out, 177 were returned and only one was deemed invalid as it was not returned in the designated envelope.

Incoming President

            Vice President turned over the meeting to the new President of Maca, Robert King.  The President thanked those who elected him to office.

General Topic Discussions

            Vice President turned over the meeting to the new President of Maca, Robert King.  The President thanked those who elected him to office.

            Tony Cortizas initiated a discussion about way to reduce the cost of Chess Horizons.

            Mark Kaprielian spoke about the importance of finding people willing to give of their time to Maca and how a few people can get a lot of work done.

            Stephen Dann initiated a discussion about surveying the membership and volunteered monetary support for the cost of doing such a survey.

            There was some general scholastic discussion.



Respectfully submitted


Mark Kaprielian